Olivetti Photocopiers Review 2020

By Dan Barraclough

Olivetti Review

Founded in 1908 in Turin, Italy, Olivetti are one of the mainstays in the world of electronic manufacturing. For the last 14 years Olivetti copiers have been part of the Telecom Italia Group, boosting its reputation and scope even further. In 2013 revenues topped €250million and the company continues to grow with innovative manufacturing practices and products.

Olivetti photocopiers have always been highly regarded but the Olivetti MFP range is particularly popular, selling large amounts in Europe in particular and cementing the company’s reputation in the industry.

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Products and Features

Because Olivetti photocopiers have been a mainstay of the industry for so long, the quality of their products has been well documented over the years. Although they offer many other goods and services, it is with the Olivetti MFP range that they have carved out a reputation for innovation in the 21st century. Olivetti has also won prizes and praise for their production of inkjet print-heads in regards to environmentally friendly practices.

What type of copies do you need?

Olivetti MFP

Olivetti MF250

olivetti mf250

The Olivetti has MF250 has since been superseded by the introduction of the MF280 but remains a popular choice for many in the industry. With a 1GHZ processor and 1GB hard drive, it was once thought of as one of the most user-friendly and reliable models on the market and as such became a huge seller in its day. For those with less complex needs it remains a very popular choice.

While it is no longer available from the company itself, the Olivetti MF250 can be purchased from most resellers and usually at a very affordable price but as with any reseller purchase, be sure to find a reputable dealer.

Olivetti DF650

olivetti df650

Another discontinued model that was once ubiquitous but still highly thought of is the Olivetti DF650. Although a black and white model, the quality of its printing is second to none and its reliable and sturdy design has seen it become one of the longest lasting machines. The enormous capacity of this Olivetti MFP makes it perfect for industrial environments and low operating costs means it is also cost efficient.

For such a powerful machine, the Olivetti DF650 is often available from resellers at surprisingly low prices. As always with second hand technology, it pays to research the supplier before you commit to a purchase as large as this.

Desktop Printers

Olivetti PGL 2130

olivetti PGL2130

If your printing operations are on a small scale then the Olivetti PGL 2130 might be the perfect product for you. Designed for small workgroups and individual use, this is a cost-efficient machine built to last and with speeds of up to 35ppm, it is also an extremely fast model for an entry level machine.

The Olivetti PGL 2130 can cost as little as £200 and with low running costs and little risk of maintenance, it is perfectly suited to businesses that need to control expenditure.


While Olivetti are known for the reliability of their products, complex machines like the high end Olivetti MFP range are also available. Industrial models are where Olivetti photocopiers come into their own, however, and such is the durable nature of their design, the impressive longevity of their products makes them the first port of call for many businesses.

The ubiquity of discontinued models also shows Olivetti to be innovative in their manufacturing of new models. At the heart of the company’s philosophy is the need to always improve on their last design and as such it can make sense to research what is available from resellers in regards to their former, most popular models.

Next Steps

With so many Olivetti photocopiers available, including so many discontinued products and the huge amount of suppliers offering high quality machines, it can be more than a little overwhelming choosing a printer that is right for you. Multifunction and industrial models are a major purchase for most companies so taking time to research each product thoroughly can be crucial, if a little time consuming.

By filling in this simple form, it should not take any longer than a minute, you can filter out the results that do not suit your business’s size, operation and budget, saving you time, frustration and possible future headaches.

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