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Midshire Photocopier Rental - 2018 Overview

Lease a photocopier with Midshire

Businesses interested in leasing or hiring a photocopier - and enjoying all the benefits that come with this option - should definitely consider the Midshire Group when comparing deals.

Established more than a quarter of a century ago, Midshire is a leading name in office technology circles as it is the largest independent reseller of printers, photocopiers, telecoms and IT equipment in the UK.

Midshire cater for both commercial and public businesses, offering a best-in-class service that helps clients to quickly reap the rewards of equipment leasing. The group are extremely customer focussed and are committed to crafting bespoke office solutions that cover both present and future business needs.

Midshire is a trusted partner to many leading photocopier manufacturers, which is evidenced by the company being named a:

  • Lexmark Accredited Partner
  • Samsung Platinum Service Dealer
  • Sharp Centre of Excellence
  • Toshiba Accredited Partner
  • Samsung Platinum Sales Dealer
  • HP Gold Partner
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Leasing a Photocopier From Midshire

Leasing a photocopier from Midshire can prove to be a savvy business decision as committing to a contract will more often than not provide significant financial benefits to your company. Not only will you spread the cost of a machine over a number of months, but maintenance, service and supply costs are usually included in the overall costs. This can further reduce costs that you would otherwise be responsible for if buying a copier outright.

The animation below highlights your potential savings

photocopier rental savings

Hiring a photocopier from Midshire is also a tax-efficient way of ensuring that your business always has the latest model in house, as leasing contracts give the option to upgrade as and when you need to. This keeps you on the front foot and ensures team productivity remains high.

Many of the photocopiers available from Midshire are multifunction devices, which add additional versatility to your office. Security is also a priority with most devices capable of having PINs and passwords registered to individual teams or users.

Furthermore, print management software helps to keep track of print volumes and resource usage, so that you’re never caught short or accidentally overspend.

Midshire Service and Maintenance

Midshire are committed to providing your business with an A1 service throughout the time that you work together. This also includes offering outstanding service and customer care.

Midshire engineers are directly trained by the manufacturers of the machines they work with, and each service trip is overseen by a dedicated team leader.

Cost per Copy Contracts

If required, Midshire can offer you a ‘Cost per Copy’ service agreement, which charges your business an agreed rate for each A4, A3, Mono or colour sheet you print.

First Time Fix

Midshire aim to maximise your uptime and boast a 92% success rate for first time fixes. With a target of just 4 hours for an on-site response, Midshire will help to keep your business on track.

The group were nominated as the 2015 Midlands Business Awards ‘Service Provider of the Year’.

Benefits of Leasing Photocopiers From Midshire

Midshire’s longevity means that they have a had a long time to refine and perfect their service offering to businesses like yours.

With multiple UK offices and over 230 employees, including more than 75 service and support staff, Midshire is perfectly placed to support your business now and in the future.

But what benefits does working with Midshire offer you? Well, when leasing a photocopier through them, you’ll benefit from:

  • Experienced, friendly and customer-focussed accounts managers
  • A five-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Office technology created by leading global brands
  • Managed Print & IT services where required
  • Business telecommunications systems

As you can see, the Midshire setup is very customer focussed with dedicated account managers looking after all of your needs, a customer-satisfaction guarantee in place to ensure that you get the best possible outcome and a full-suite of office equipment that can help smaller companies grow, or help larger businesses kick on to the next level.

In the video below, you can find out more of the business benefits provided by Midshire:

Midshire Maintenance & Service

As you might expect from the UK’s best office technology suppliers, Midshire also offer excellent ongoing support that covers any and all issues you may experience due to maintenance or servicing. This gives you added peace of mind and you can relax knowing you’re covered if the worst should occur.

Midshire’s team boasts more than 75 service and support staff who can handle any query you may have. They are extremely knowledgeable about office technology and have completed over 70,000 installations to date. There is no-one better placed in the UK to lease you a photocopier and install it.

When renting a copier from Midshire, you’ll enjoy the following servicing benefits:

  • Engineers based locally throughout the UK
  • Telephone helpdesk support of immediate issue resolution
  • Knowledgeable remote IT support
  • Proactive machine monitoring to prevent issues before they arise
  • A 92% first fix rate

Midshire Toner Recycling

To top off their business benefits, Midshire offer an excellent and sustainable toner recycling scheme for their clients.

This free service helps to reduce your carbon footprint and meet your business’ ethical and green obligations.

Midshire will pick up all toner and other consumable items when conducting maintenance on your leased photocopier, which keeps this process quick and easy. As an added bonus, Midshire will even take and recycle items they don’t supply.

Photocopiers Available To Lease

Desktop Photocopiers

Midshire work with leading photocopier manufacturers to offer you as wide a selection of products as possible. This gives you more choice and more opportunities to compare money-saving deals.

Most businesses will be looking for a high-capacity, free-standing photocopier - which we’ll look at below - but for smaller offices or home businesses, you may need a smaller and more compact machine. Midshire offer an impressive range of desktop photocopiers that can fit comfortably in even the smallest of spaces.

These photocopiers are typically multifunction devices that combine print, copy, scan and fax functionality into a single device, giving you maximum versatility regardless of the situation. Smaller photocopiers also use less electricity than larger models, so you’ll start seeing savings immediately.

Ricoh Photocopiers

ricoh photocopiers

Ricoh are one of the world’s leading photocopier manufacturers and offer a wide range of machines for businesses of all sizes.

Customers will benefit from environmentally friendly machines, a super crisp print quality, cutting edge technology and cost savings.

Midshire are one of the largest independent Ricoh retailers in the UK and boast over 75 Ricoh trained engineers, who service more than 4,000+ Ricoh machines across the UK.

You can read more about the Ricoh brand and the photocopiers they manufacture here.

Sharp Photocopiers

sharp photocopiers

Sharp photocopiers are reliable machines that offer businesses a broad functionality that makes them the ideal machine for any business.

Midshire can provide machines for all business spaces, whether you need a low-volume device for a small business, or something more powerful to meet the demands of somewhere busier.

Find out more about Sharp photocopiers here.

Lexmark Photocopiers

lexmark photocopiers

Well know for their vibrant colour technology, Lexmark are yet another leading photocopier brand allied to the Midshire Group.

Patented AccuRead Automate technology helps to refine workflows and improve productivity, while eco modes reduce power usage and increase savings. Lexmark’s photocopier range is impressively broad and machines can cope with workloads of any size.

You can read more in-depth reviews of Lexmark photocopiers here.

Toshiba Photocopiers

toshiba photocopiers

Midshire specialise in supplying Toshiba’s E-studio range of photocopiers, which are compact devices that offer impressive levels of printing productivity.

Leasing a Toshiba photocopier through Midshire will also give your business access to Toshiba’s ‘Toshiba Carbon Zero’ program, which lets the Japanese manufacturer help to manage your photocopier carbon footprint, helping you to mean your environmental and green obligations.

You can read in-depth reviews of Toshiba’s e-Studio photocopiers here.

Refurbished Photocopiers

Midshire also offer customers a selection of refurbished photocopiers ,which can be an excellent way of getting a top quality machine at a reduced cost.

All of Midshire’s refurbished machines are professionally serviced by the company’s expertly trained technicians and all worn parts are fully replaced to ensure maximum performance and value.

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If you’re looking to hire a photocopier for your business, then we fully recommend Midshire as one of our suppliers of choice.

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Once you submit the form, one of our Expert Market team will be in touch to find out a bit more about your requirements and then we’ll connect you to the best suppliers in the UK - including Midshire.