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Canon iR 3300 Photocopier Prices

This article will give you an overview of low volume Canon iR copiers and further information about Canon iR 3300 prices, maintenance and suppliers.

Low Volume Canon iR Copiers Overview

Canon has been manufacturing photocopiers for decades and is a world leader in photocopier technology. The IR (Image Runner) range of Canon photocopiers is their second range of digital copiers, after the GP range.

Digital copiers quickly became more popular than older analogue machines because of their speed and efficiency. After one document has been scanned, a second can be processed before the first has even printed.

Low volume Canon digital photocopiers include the iR 2200, iR 2800 and the iR 3300. Prices for these machines are extremely affordable since the company has discontinued them.

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Canon iR 3300 Copier

Canon iR 3300 Photocopier

When the Canon iR 3300 was invented it was the fastest of the low volume range copying 33 ppm (pages per minute). It's main features include:

  • Fitted with a 5.1GB hard drive
  • Capable of A5 to A3 copying with enlargement and reduction features
  • Fitted with mailbox features so it can print emails

Mailboxes can be password protected and, if a network option is fitted, can be administered and printed from your computer. It also has a fax option.

An internal or external finisher can be fitted for advanced document management functions such as:

  • Collating
  • Stapling
  • Booklet printing
  • Hole-punching

Canon iR 3300 Photocopier Cost

A used or reconditioned Canon iR 3300 will obviously be much cheaper than a brand new machine. They should start from about £100 to £800 depending on the condition of the machine and its meter reading (how many copies it has made).

These machines have suggested lifespans of no more than about 2 million copies so it is important to check how many A4, A3 and A5 copies it has done in total. This can be done easily by pressing the relevant button, unless an engineer has changed the counters to show other readings.

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Canon Photocopier Service Procedure

The Canon iR 3300 is well known for being reliable, but you will still need to make sure you find a Canon dealer with manufacturer trained engineers to maintain the machine properly.

The items that need the most cleaning or replacement include the paper pick up roller, which picks up the paper from the cassettes, and the document rollers, found under the small flap above the document tray.

There is a thin sheet of glass used to scan the documents but this can become dirty and caked with Tipp-Ex, which can ruin copies.

The electrostatic drum where the latent image is created will also need replacing after about 75,000 copies. However, it may need to be done earlier if you see blemishes such as dark backgrounds or lines on copies.

The whole paper path will also need regular cleaning and you must learn from a trained engineer where exactly you can and cannot touch for cleaning and basic problem solving.

Next Steps

The best way to get a quality iR 3300 at the cheapest price is to use an established Canon photocopier dealer. Always make sure you ask your dealer to show you the service history of the machine.