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Hire or Lease an A3 Laser Printer in 2018

Expert Market Guide: Hire or lease an A3 laser printer

This article will give you an overview of everything you need to know to hire or rent A3 laser printers in the UK. It will explore the costs and considerations to bear in mind when making your decision. For free price quotes, fill in the form above.

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Why rent an A3 laser printer?
Benefits of leasing an A3 laser printer
A3 printer features to consider before renting
Breakdown of A3 printer leasing costs
Other rental contract considerations
Top 4: Best A3 laser printers to lease
Top 4: Cheapest A3 laser printers to rent

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Why hire an A3 Laser Printer?

There are many reasons why hiring an A3 Laser Printer is a better option than buying one. Not only do you avoid paying the full cost for a new machine up front, but you may not even need a photocopier all year round; you may only need it for periods when you are busy, or for certain events.

Situations that may require A3 printer rentals or photocopier rentals include:

  • Large business meetings
  • Conferences
  • Expos
  • Events
  • Seminars
  • Conventions
  • Busy periods at work
  • Annual reports
  • Large projects
  • End of the tax year
  • Audits
  • Legal work
  • Short-term needs
  • Contract work
  • School exam periods
  • Charity events
  • Construction offices
  • Engineering projects
  • Temporary/On-site offices or buildings
  • Start ups

Case Study: Midshire - St Cyres School,Wales

To help you get a better understanding of the potential benefits of hiring an A3 laser printer from one of Expert Market's preferred suppliers, Midshire, check out the video case study from St Cyres School, below.

Benefits of hiring an A3 Laser Printer

Hiring an A3 office photocopier can offer many benefits to your business:

It’s cheaper to rent

When buying an A3 photocopier or printer, you’ll need to sink a significant up-front investment into a machine that you have no practical working experience with. You’ll also be fully responsible for paying on-going fees like maintenance and resource costs, which can quickly build up into quite a big outlay.

Renting an A3 Laser Printer works out cheaper for your business because you only need pay the annual leasing cost. The chart below compares the year-on-year total investment costs between buying and leasing an A3 laser printer.

NOTE: The red area represents your total investment if buying, while the blue area represents your total spend if renting.

cost of leasing a3 laser printer

All other costs are included in your rental contract, which brings us to our next benefit…

All-inclusive contracts

You’ll be glad to know that when renting an A3 laser printer you won’t need to pay for any toner, resource or maintenance costs.

As you’ll only be leasing the equipment, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure toner doesn’t run out and that annual maintenance is looked after. This means less to worry about on your end as well as offering significant savings too.

Be aware though of the things not included in your contract, which may include: delivery charges, cost of paper, accidental damages, etc.

For a more in-depth breakdown of your potential cost savings, click here.

Upgrade as you grow

Rental contracts for A3 laser printers generally allow you to upgrade your machine as you need to, although it is worth checking your contract or with your supplier before putting pen to paper.

Not only does this help you stay up to date with the latest printer-copiers, but also means you can upgrade as you grow.

Work for a small start-up? No worries, just rent a smaller machine, and then when business is booming you’ll be able to upgrade to an A3 laser printer that can cope with your increased demands.

Variable contract length

One of the best benefits about hiring or leasing an A3 laser printer is that you can enjoy flexible hire contracts. These contracts let you rent a machine for as long as you need it, whether it is for a busy weekend or for several years.

Fill in the form at the top of the page today and Expert Market will be in touch to discuss your photocopier and printer rental needs.

Features to consider when hiring A3 Laser Printers

When it comes to hiring an A3 laser printer, there are so many machine options available to your business that it can be hard to know where to start.

You should also ensure that you know how the A3 printer-copier you hire actually works, as different manufacturers design their A3 colour laser printers in different ways.

Before you sign the leasing agreement, make sure you have checked and double-checked the following printer features, to ensure that they can meet your business printing needs:

Colour or Mono printing

A nice, easy consideration to make up front: do you need to print in colour, black & white (monochrome) or both?

Monochrome A3 printers will be cheaper than those that can print in colour, but the difference is often negligible. However, colour toner is more expensive than black & white toner, so you may want to weigh up how many colour documents you will be printing against the increased toner costs.

a3 laser printer toner

Print speed

This is one of the key determining factors for businesses when choosing an A3 laser printer. Speeds vary by manufacturer and model, but the general rule of thumb is that print speeds of 20ppm or below are more suited to smaller offices with lower print volumes.

Whereas, anything higher will be more suited to medium-sized or growing offices. The very fastest speeds are, unsurprisingly, ideal for large businesses or offices with high print volume demands. These top end machines can print in excess of 100 copies per minute.

Paper stock

Obviously with A3 laser printers we are talking about paper sizes larger than most offices will need, but it is always important to know your printer’s capabilities.

Make sure you know the maximum paper size your printer can handle, as well as the smallest. You may even work in an industry that requires less common paper sizes such as SRA3, so it pays to know what you can and can’t use (you don’t want to incur damage costs through misuse!).

If you need to print or copy at even larger sizes, you might need to consider an even larger printer-copier at A2 size or above.


Ensure that you know whether your rental printer-copier can connect to your network, which can improve productivity by allowing your team to work and print wirelessly.

If not, then the printer may need to be plugged into an ethernet cable to access your Local Area Network. If this is the case then it may affect where you can put your A3 printer in the office.

Some machines also offer USB connectivity, so that you and your team can upload or save documents and images directly from the printer-copier to the USB disk.


How many functions does your desired printer need? Is it a 4-in-1 printer, scanner, photocopier and fax? If so then you can expect to pay a higher rental fee.

Then again, you might not need so many functions, in which case opt for a 3-in-1 copier, printer and scanner, or a simple copier-scanner. Both options will reduce your spend, but limit your device’s potential.


Make sure you know the width, length and height of the A3 laser printing that you are renting. High-volume machines tend to be much larger and are generally floor-standing printers. On the other hand, low-volume machines are often small enough to fit on a desktop table.

There’s nothing worse than leasing a copier and then finding it doesn’t fit in your office!

Cost of Hiring an A3 Laser Printer

The cost of hiring an A3 laser printer will depend on the specifications you’ve selected and the length of time you need to rent it for.

Hiring a monochrome A3 laser printer for a period of less than a week can cost from £30 upwards, whereas a colour laser A3 printer can cost from £40 upwards.

Similarly, a monochrome A3 printer hired for a year can cost from £25 per month inclusive of a number of free copies, and a colour A3 copier can cost from £35 pounds per month.

Needless to say, the more advanced the A3 printer-copier, the more you can expect to pay.

a3 laser printer rental

To lease the best value A3 printer, we recommend calculating the cost of hire beforehand. This means you will need to have a good idea of how many colour and monochrome prints you will complete each month, as printing over a certain amount may result in additional charges from some suppliers.

Some contracts also require you reach a minimum print level each month. Expert Market works with a large number of leading UK printer and copier suppliers, so we can help you compare the deals available and find the best one for your business.

Other Rental Contract Considerations

When hiring an A3 colour laser printer you need to be sure about what is included in the hire price. Some contracts will include:

  • Toner costs
  • Maintenance fees
  • Free delivery
  • Installation
However, other contracts may not be as generous. The extras included in your contract can make a significant difference to the total cost of rental.

Another important consideration is the level of maintenance offered.

Printers can be a crucial part of your business, and you will need to know how long you are prepared to be without one should it need repairing. Some hire contracts send engineers out to clients within a specified timescale, but this is not true of all contracts.

Expert Tip: Always check if there are any costs associated with ending the contract early.

What type of copies do you need?

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Top 4: Best A3 Colour Laser Printers To Rent

Canon imageRUNNER 3245 Ne

Canon imageRUNNER 3245Ne

The Canon imageRUNNER3245Ne is a powerful and cost-effective A3 laser printer that can handle the toughest of tasks. Fast print speeds combine with a large paper capacity to ensure jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.

Print Speed45ppm
Paper Capacity2,250 sheets
ConnectivityWired Network
Size (w x h x d)565mm x 1127mm x 700mm

Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 7551ci

Kyocera Mita 7551ci

The Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 7551ci is a fast-printing, heavy duty workhorse of an A3 laser printer. Capable of printing in both mono and colour, the 7551ci lets users connect and print remotely for optimum office efficiency.

Print Speed75ppm
Paper Capacity7,650 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityUSB & Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)685mm x 1053mm x 801mm

Lexmark MX912DE

Lexmark MX912DE

Lexmark’s MX912DE printer-copier is an economical machine, ideal for businesses looking to combine efficiency with maximum productivity. Print speeds are rapid and the first document is printed after just 6 seconds. A large touchscreen makes operation easy.

Print Speed65ppm
Paper Capacity6,650 sheets
ConnectivityUSB & Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)762mm x 1194mm x 838mm

Xerox C75

Xerox C75

The Xerox C75 is a heavy-duty, laser production printer that is aimed at more design focused industries. It can handle paper stock up to SRA3 and can print up to 75,000 pages a month. Definitely one for larger businesses with high volume print demands.

Print Speed75ppm
Paper Capacity1,900 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
ConnectivityWired Network
Size (w x h x d)1714mm x 1327mm x 777mm

The 4 Cheapest A3 Laser Printers To Lease

Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 1800

Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 1800

The TASKalfa 1800 is a desktop A£ laser printer that is well-suited to small businesses or home offices. Print speeds aren’t the fastest, but for low volume jobs they will be more than quick enough. Document finishing is crisp and clear, while duplex printing is available to help cut costs.

Print Speed18ppm
Paper Capacity1,300 sheets
Size (w x h x d)594mm x 683mm x 738mm

Canon imageRUNNER 2520

Canon imageRUNNER 2520

The imageRUNNER 2520 is designed for small businesses or medium-sized offices. Decent print speeds combine with economical toner use to offer cost-effective monochrome printing. The imageRUNNER 2520 also meets Energy Star criteria, which means it is extremely energy efficient.

Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity550 sheets
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityWired Network
Size (w x h x d)565mm x 771mm x 689mm

Samsung CLX-9201NA

~Samsung Printer LogoSamsung CLX-9201NA

Aimed at smaller workspaces than similar Samsung A3 laser printers, the CLX-9201NA is a high-performing multifunction printer that can print 20 pages per minute. A range of finishing options, duplex printing and crisp-printing, ReCP technology make this machine a great option for busy offices.

Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity1,040 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityUSB, Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)560mm x 844mm x 600mm

Utax 206ci

Utax Printer LogoUtax 206ci

The Utax 206ci multifunction A3 laser printer is an easy to use device perfect for smaller workspaces. It benefits from being very economical with energy consumption, which helps the 206ci to operate quietly. Print speeds are respectable, while HyPAS technology helps users to customise how the machine runs.

Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity600 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
Size (w x h x d)590mm x 748mm x 590mm

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If you are interested in finding out more about A3 laser printer or photocopier prices for your business, then answer a few simple questions on our form. We'll provide you with tailored price quotes.

Once you’ve let us know what you need, an Expert Market rep will contact you by phone to discuss your requirements in more detail. When we understand your budget, situation and needs, we’ll match you with up to 4 top UK A3 laser printer suppliers who will be able to help your business.