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Xerox Photocopiers Review 2018

Xerox are a world leader in the office equipment industry, offering a range of devices to make office life more convenient and efficient. One of their most popular types of machine are photocopiers, which come in a range of sizes and with various capabilities to suit all commercial requirements.

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Low Volume Black & White

Low volume photocopiers are classed as those that are capable of producing up to 30 pages per minute, making them an excellent, cost effective option for small and medium businesses. All Xerox's low volume monochrome copiers are multifunction, meaning they also act as printers, scanners and fax machines - good news for compact offices!

Xerox offer six different models of low volume black and white photocopiers in the UK, each with different features that meet a range of commercial requirements.

WorkCentre 3210 & 3220

The most compact, and most cost effective options are the WorkCentres 3210 and 3220 which cost from just £310, making them some of the most competitively priced pieces of copying equipment on the market. Largely similar, the only noticeable difference between the two devices is that the 3220 can produce up to 28 pages per minute, whereas the 3210 produces up to 24 pages. However, both models only produce A4 pages, so businesses with A3 copying requirements would need to look into an A3 version of the WorkCentre.

Unfortunately, Xerox no longer directly supply the 3220, so this machine would need to be sourced from a third party supplier. Nevertheless, both photocopiers are simple to use, even for novices, and if the external user interface appears too challenging, all aspects of the copier can be managed through the connected PC instead.

Designed with SMEs in mind, these models really are perfect for small offices with low to medium copying needs, as evidenced by the receipt of the prestigious Best Small Work Group Monochrome Printer award from BERTL in 2009.

A3 Copying

For businesses who anticipate requiring A3 copying, the WorkCentre model also comes in the 5020, the smallest option with a limited 20 pages per minute capacity, or the 5325, 5330 and 5335, with 25, 30 and 35 pages per minute respectively.

The 5020 performs much the same tasks as the smaller WorkCentres, but on a larger scale and with a heftier price tag, starting from £2,926. The 5300 range, however, does have a few additional features, including scanning directly to email or to a USB device for ease, convenience and efficiency. Whereas the 5020 would be suited to very small businesses and even home offices, the 5300 range is more heavy duty, perfect for medium sized enterprises.

High Volume Black & White

For large corporations looking for high volume black and white photocopiers from Xerox, there is a great deal more choice than for low volume machines. With 23 different models to choose from, all are multifunctional, meaning they combine a range of standard office equipment into the one device. All models offer businesses different features, and price tags range from budget options at £199 right through to high cost machines at almost £17,000.

The smaller A4 only photocopiers range from £199 to £2,780 when ordered directly from Xerox UK. The most basic models, the WorkCentre 3315 and 3325, are really anything but basic, with WiFi connectivity and double sided copying and printing. The other models in the A4 range, the Phaser 3635MFP and the WorkCentre 4250 and 4260 tend to perform similar tasks, but the main difference is their capacity.

While the budget models are good choices for SMEs, with 31 and 35 pages per minute, the Phaser 3635MFP is excellent for slightly larger businesses, with a rate of 33 pages per minute and a much greater paper capacity. Meanwhile, the WorkCentre 4250 is suitable for large corporations with high volume needs, producing 43 pages per minute, or the 4260 which is capable of producing an even greater 53 pages.

High Volume A3 Copiers

For high volume A3 copying needs, there are many options to choose from. The WorkCentre 5300, 5700 and 5800 ranges are the most compact and cost effective options, often available for under £10,000. However, for businesses who rely heavily upon copying, such as design agencies, it may be worth looking into a true state of the art model such as the Xerox D95, D110, or D125. These models are the most costly of Xerox's high volume monochrome range but feature full, robust units handling up to 125 pages per minute.

Due to the large size of these models, they're suited only to spacious environments, but the features really are unrivalled, producing booklets, specialist folds and offering a range of finishing options - even trimming edges.

Colour Copiers

Businesses in the UK will find the widest choice available when it comes to Xerox's colour photocopiers. There are 25 different models to choose from, right through from low cost A4 models to professional standard copiers with a price tag to match.

All copiers are multifunctional with printing, scanning and faxing options within the one piece of equipment. Furthermore, businesses who produce a great deal of in-house marketing materials or designs will find a Xerox colour photocopier to be the best match for their copying needs.

For A4 copying, businesses can pay anything from £179 for the WorkCentre 6015 to £4,228 for the ColorQube 8900. The WorkCentre models are suited to small and medium businesses with lower volume needs, with equipment capable of handling between 23 and 35 pages per minute.

The ColorQube options, however, are more heavy duty, offering up to 44 pages per minute. These models are best suited to medium or large businesses with above average colour copying needs.

The advantage of the ColorQube models over the WorkCentre options is that they're newer and therefore use more modern digital technologies. They also offer solid ink printing, and although they are generally more expensive, Xerox do offer flexible pricing plans.

A3 Colour Copying

The WorkCentre 7100, 7500 and 7800 ranges are all capable of copying in colour onto A3 sized paper and are all very similar in quality and appearance. However, the 7800 range is typically the fastest and most costly, suitable for larger businesses or higher requirements.

Prices for these models range from £5,195 to £7,355 when ordered directly from Xerox.

Of course, these WorkCentres are not the only A3 choices, and the ColorQube 9300 range is well worth considering. Its main advantage is that it is built around Xerox's latest ConnectKey technology, making it a doddle to use in the office, and users can be sure their equipment is protected with built-in security from McAfee.

For large design and marketing agencies, a professional colour copier really is the best choice. Xerox offer five different models, each perfectly suited to producing the highest quality graphics. These professional models, such as the Xerox 700i and the Xerox C75, are large and costly, so they're only recommended for large, spacious offices, or for businesses who truly require this level of copying. Professional colour copiers can handle up to 75 pages per minute, and can print in both solid colour and in black and white.

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