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Sharp MX-M Series - Prices, Information & Reviews

Sharp MX-M Series - Prices, Information & Reviews

Sharp MX M Photocopiers

The Sharp MX-M series of all-in-one photocopiers includes a versatile range of machines suited to almost any office environment. All machines in the Sharp MX M series have a colour display to make job processing easier. All models in the range are monochrome A3 printers.

The printing speeds of the series varies greatly, from 18ppm on the MX M182D to 95ppm on the MX M950. Which model is most suited to your office depends on your printing volume and your specific business needs.

What type of copies do you need?

Sharp MX M182D / Sharp MX M202D / Sharp MX M232D

sharp mx m182d / sharp mx m202d / sharp mx m232d

The Sharp MX M182D is a compact, yet fast multifunctional copier that is suitable for small to medium sized businesses. It doubles up as a printer and scanner. In addition, a fax can be added if required. This machine is a black and white copier and printer, but can scan in colour. It prints at a rate of 18ppm.

With a warm up speed of 25 seconds, first copy ready capability of 7.2 seconds and printing speed of 20ppm, the MX M202D is slightly more efficient that the MX M182D and will provide the necessary productivity for the smaller busy office.

The Sharp MX M232D is a multifunctional mono copier designed for use in a small to medium sized office. It functions as a printer, scanner and fax machine, as well as a high speed photocopier. It processes paper sizes up to A3 and prints at up to 23ppm.

Sharp MX M264N / Sharp MX M314N / Sharp MX M354N

sharp mx m264n / sharp mx m314n / sharp mx m2354n

To operate at peak efficiency, it is important that businesses utilise the right tools. The Sharp MX M264N is just such a machine. With its print, scan, copy, email and fax facilities, it can streamline office performance and provide superior quality results. Using a fast output system of 26ppm with variable printing modes, the highest levels of professionalism can be achieved. In addition to this, the optional stapling finishing technique can make document collation a simple and efficient process.

The Sharp MX M314N is a multifunctional printer that has scan, copy and fax capabilities and uses the highest quality technology to assist with the hectic working demands of any large organisation. A smooth transition into an existing network of computers is made easy due to its compatibility with almost all operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

The Sharp MX M354N is a multifunctional printer with superior quality scanning and copying properties due to the high resolution of image and document transfer system. The fax and email capabilities also mean information can be sent direct. The network connectivity software, with up to 200 preset destinations, enables fast and simple internal document distribution and helps avoid unnecessary printing.

All three models also come in an alternate version: MX M264U, MX M314U and MX M354U. The N models have full colour network scanning as standard, while it is optional on the U models.

Sharp MX M283N / Sharp MX M363N / Sharp MX M453N / MX M503N

sharp mx m283n / sharp mx m363n / sharp mx m453n / sharp mx m503n

The Sharp MX M283N is a black and white multifunction printer that, surprisingly, supports colour scanning. This machine has a paper capacity of 1,100 sheets (standard) to a maximum of 5,600 sheets and comes with a built in Reversing Single Pass Feeder which enables the machine to scan up to 50 ppm in both monochrome and colour.

The Sharp MX M363N is a black and white multifunctional printer and copier that can also scan and fax in colour. It can print 36 sheets per minute on A4 and 17 on A3, producing up to 999 copies of any document with the ability to enlarge items up to 400%. The device holds 1,100 sheets as standard but there is the capacity to increase this to 5,600 if required.

The Sharp MX M453N copier, which won the BLI Line of the Year award, is ideal for use in a busy office. It can do everything you need including printing and faxing. The printer is fast, with a print rate of 45 black and white pages per minute.

The MX M503N is the fastest printer-copier in the series with a print speed of 50ppm.

Sharp MX M623N / Sharp MX M753N

sharp mx m623n / sharp mx m753n

The Sharp MX M623N is an award winning multifunctional printer with superior print quality and resolution. In addition to the various printing modes such as booklet, reverse image and tandem printing, this model will also copy, scan, email and fax and has the capacity to scan documents straight to a fax or email for the highest speed of business to business communication.

The Sharp MX M753N is a multifunctional printer that is equipped with the latest processor and high quality functions to cope with any busy office environment. It can print at up to 75ppm.

Sharp MX M850 / Sharp MX M950

sharp mx m623n / sharp mx m753n

The Sharp MX M850 is a product that has been expertly designed for large scale corporations and can easily tackle the massive working demands of any given office environment. The standard paper capacity of 3,000 sheets can be expanded to 8,050 to meet high demand requirements. The print speed is an impressive 85ppm.

The MX M950 machine is strictly for high volume production. It weighs in at about 300kgs and has dimensions of 3831 x 771 x 1518 (mm). It contains a hard disk as standard with a massive 80 GB worth of storage. The printing speed of 95ppm makes it one of the fastest office printers on the market.

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