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Xero Accounting Software

Founded in New Zealand and with over ten years’ experience in the field, Xero are an innovative, flexible accounting software provider with vast payroll possibilities for SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises). With over half a million customers worldwide, they have quickly grown to be one of the most trusted providers in the UK.


Xero software is feature rich and flexible, providing their clients with an opportunity to choose the exact package that suits them. Working with various partners that are experts in their field, the software is highly compatible and easy to use. The main features include:

  • Accounting Compatibility
  • Auto Enrolment and Processing
  • Clear Management Overviews
  • Flexibility
  • RTI Simplicity
  • 24/7 Support
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Accounting Compatibility

While all payroll software has a degree of overlap with general accounting, Xero have designed a software that is automatically updated and works with all areas of accounting, making it one of the most compatible software packages for the various financial and HR departments of your business.

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Auto Enrolment and Processing

Automatic enrolment and processing is a must for all modern payroll software but not all as are efficient as the package offered by Xero. Although most packages offer automatic processing, many do require labour intensive data inputting that makes something of a mockery of the claim “automated”. Each Xero package requires minimum effort due to its clear design and intuitive interface.

Clear Management Overviews

While the processing of data is at the heart of payroll, providing an overview of your staff and business practices has become a must for many users of payroll software. The platform allows for employees to request time off for holidays and all staff to use the software to whichever degree and level you set for them. This means less work for you and further engagement for your staff in the running of the business.


As businesses grow, particularly small enterprises, a payroll software must be able to grow with you. Rigid platforms tend to hinder rather than help and can end up costly and problematic. Xero allows you to adjust your payment frequencies, for example to pay your staff weekly instead of monthly, as well as calculating various deductions and non-standard salaries, such as freelance workers or contractors.

RTI Simplicity

With the change in tax rules, all UK businesses must provide RTI, Real Time Information, to the HMRC, making it imperative that the software is able to process such data with the minimum of effort. Most submissions using this software take just a few clicks of a mouse in order to process even the most complex of information, making it easy for both employers and employees to focus on the running of your business.

24/7 Support

As payroll can become a complicated endeavour, even the most clear software designs can confuse those without experience in the subject. What’s more, human error, although minimised with well-designed software, can cause issues with the day-to-day management of such data. With this in mind Xero provide round the clock support to help you with everything that might arise, providing peace of mind and advice when you need it.

Pricing Plans

Xero provides three software packages to choose from, each with their own scope and features. Each package is available to try for free, for thirty days, and each with full 24/7 support. They also provide free service for 5 employees for up to 3 months. There are no set up fees or contracts and all packages are for unlimited users.

The Starter option is suitable for very small businesses with few staff and provides many of the features the other packages have, including Excel compatibility and high level security. It is currently available for just £4.50

Unlike the Starter option, the Standard package allows for unlimited bank transactions, billing and invoice creation. It is available for £10 per month.

At the high end of the scale the Premium option is just £12.50 per month and also provides multiple currency processing.

All packages also include integration capabilities for over 400 apps, free updates, file storage and backup and there is no software to install.