What Payroll Software is Best For Accountants?

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 9 August 2019

Accountants who deal with payroll on behalf of clients can benefit from the use of bespoke payroll software in order to help them manage payroll activities efficiently and more effectively.

We review some of the most recommended payroll software packages for accountants below. Get a more tailored search for payroll software for your business needs by completing the form above where Expert Market UK will search for the most relevant packages for your needs.

Payroll Software for Accountants

12 Pay

12 Pay is an easy and low cost solutions for accountants which can help the process of managing payroll simpler and more effective. The software is recognised by HMRC and features HMRC stationary which means that accountants don’t need to concern themselves with additional stationary, and therefore additional costs.

Amongst its key features are an unlimited number of employees per company on your books, which is great for accountants who deal with businesses which vary in size, as well as automatic calculations, one off-payments and data collection and management.

There are a number of software options available for customers, including a free ‘Express’ version as well as paid for versions which begin at around £49 + VAT. Clients recommend 12 Pay for its ease of use as well as well as its accurate calculating and reporting.


Sage offers a range of financial services for businesses, and its payroll packages are a vital asset for small businesses and for accountants who are looking to manage their payroll themselves, rather than outsourcing to a specialist payroll service provider.

A popular software choice, Sage is packed with features which include online based software for use anytime and anywhere, free 24 hour customer support, secure payroll, electronic submission to HMRC and dealing with any legislation changes on your behalf.

Sage offers a number of packages to suit different business types, with the lowest priced beginning at around £5 per month for those dealing with between 1 and 10 employees, through to Sage 50 Pay Roll which is designed for use for 50 employees or more and costs around £50 per month.

With free trials available, it allows users to get to grips with the software before making a commitment. A professional and reliable solution, Sag is a respected brand which delivers excellent results.


BrightPay is a professional payroll solution for businesses which is specially designed for accountants as well as small and medium sized businesses. It is a fully comprehensive software package which allows accountants to fully manage payroll activities, from managing employee data through to creating payslips and more.

It is a software package which has been designed with the user in mind, providing innovative features such as payment due notifications, HMRC recognition, and all with an easy to use interface which makes the process of managing payroll quick and effective.

As well as trial versions of the product, BrightPay offer packages for businesses which begin at free for up to three employees, around £89 for those with a single employer but unlimited employees and around £199 for multiple employers and unlimited employees. This low cost, effective solution is a great asset for accountants which can make the payroll process easier than ever before.


Moneysoft is a crucial piece of software for accountants who deal with payroll. It is a HMRC, RTI compliant piece of software which allows for easy management of payroll and last year featured over 1 million submissions using the software.

The software has been developed in order to provide the most use to accountants and features clear ways of managing data as well as payslip production, automatic calculations for maternity, paternity, sickness pay as well as others and can include auto enrolment for pensions and more.

Moneysoft features an initial free trial, allowing users to establish whether or not the system is suitable for their needs before offering a low price of around £56 + VAT for those dealing with single employers through to £112 +VAT for multiple employer solutions.

This cost includes the software and unlimited customer support, providing a great value overall package. Their clients describe the system as easy to use and featuring a great back up service as well as providing many useful features unavailable anywhere else.

Pegasus Opera

Pegasus’ Opera software is widely recommended across the accounting industry and includes the latest features to ensure the most effective service for users.

Using simple solutions to manage payroll, Pegasus Opera is able to integrate with other software packages, as well as being recognised by HMRC to ensure an accurate and regulated service. Supporting auto enrolment, real time information, BACS payments, automatic payslip generation and more, Pegasus Opera contains everything needed to manage single and multiple employer accounts.

Pegasus provide advice and consultations with businesses in order to best establish their software needs. After working out the most appropriate solution, the package includes set-up and training as well as support and customisation.

The software can be bought outright through its partners or even on a subscription based system of around £136. Pegasus are now celebrating 30 years’ in the industry, with great recommendations from their existing clients who value the software’s easy to use systems, great customer support and specially designed features for dealing with payroll.

Payroll software can allow easy management of payroll activities and can ensure that accountants can provide the most effective services for their clients and ensure greater accuracy as well as software which is specially designed for payroll to help make the process easier and quicker.

The above are just some of the available software packages for dealing with payroll. Accountants can find the best suited software for their needs by filling out the form at the top of the page, where Expert Market UK will take your unique business needs and match you to suitable providers as well as provide a price comparison to help with difficult decision making.

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