What Integrated HR & Payroll Software is Best?

For many businesses, having integrated HR and payroll software is essential in order to streamline processes and ensure that records are up to date. Having the information provided by HR can benefit the payroll process and provide simplified ways of managing data.

We explore some of the best integrated HR and payroll solutions below. To help you find the most suitable products for your business, complete the form above and Expert Market UK will search online for the best deals for your business needs.

Northgate Arinso (NGA)

NGA offers an inclusive software package which allows businesses to manage both their payroll and HR activities. Helping to save time by eliminating duplication of information as well as less paperwork and integrated systems, NGA can provide everything in one easy to use system.

NGA uses SAP systems which feature the latest technology and are HMRC recognised for easy, regulated processing. NGA’s existing clients include The British Library, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and Vision Express.


CIPHR Payroll is a premium solution for businesses who are looking to carry out their HR and payroll services in house. Their combined software offering allows businesses to benefit from better efficiency, reduced costs as well as being able to access services online.

Providing solutions for businesses of all sizes, CIPHR allow businesses to take care of everything from BACS payments, to payslip creation and distribution and more. Packages include training and support services and vary according to business size and level of functionality required.

CIPHR have a track record of providing successful services to a range of companies including Dreams, Universal Music, Greggs, The Ministry of Justice and Cardiff University.

Integrated payroll and HR software

Snow Drop KCS

Offering services through Sage, Snow Drop KCS’s software solution for integrated HR and payroll services is a professional package which can help businesses to save time and money. Realising that simplifying processes is important, Snow Drop KCS work with their clients to provide the most effective solutions.

Amongst their software’s features are the ability to monitor attendance, recruitment, training as well as payroll, which gives businesses a wide range of features to help make their payroll systems more effective for their employees. Suitable for use by businesses of all sizes, Snow Drop KCS is a reliable system for use in any industry. Prices are based on individual assessments.

Access Accounting

Access Accounting’s payroll and HR software is fully configurable to allow businesses to implement the features that they need the most.

Helping with activities such as training, recruitment and promotion as well as flexible payroll services which include Real Time Information, HMRC recognised systems and easy management of employee details, Access Accounting is a comprehensive solution for in house payroll and HR management. They can also offer cloud based solutions ideal for businesses to access details on the go.

Access Accounting is affordable and is already used by a number of clients, including Hill Dickinson, West Suffolk College, Cex and Parasol.

Why use Integrated HR & Payroll Software?

Integrating payroll and HR systems enables better people management for businesses, with more efficiency and effectiveness and less room for error, as well as greatly reducing the administration involved in utilising two separate systems.

The software solutions above are just a selection of the available packages for businesses and are an example of the kinds of products which can be found using Expert Market UK. Get a more detailed search based on your unique business requirements by filling out the form at the top of the page and Expert Market UK will bring you the most relevant solutions for your needs.

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