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The Payroll Site Review 2018

The Payroll Site is as simple a concept as you will find in the payroll service and is highly personalised and responsive to the needs of their customers, typically small businesses. An intimate family run business, they have a wealth of knowledge about payroll and seek to provide the best support and intuitive systems for their customers.


As you would expect from a small family run enterprise, The Payroll Site are designed to meet the needs of small businesses in the UK, those with up to 50 employees. It is with very small businesses, however, that they are particularly well suited, providing a service that is more of a partnership than an outsourced process. The main features provided include:

  • Pensions
  • Cloud Based Systems
  • Salary Processing
  • Payslip printing
  • Full Support and Advice
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One of the most complex parts of any payroll service relates to the manifold areas of pension data processing. While larger businesses may need enormously complex software to deal with the pension payments and requirements of their staff, smaller enterprises can retain a degree of simplicity and as such will often need a service that understands this.

The Payroll Site provides tools to automatically calculate pension contributions and is flexible enough to work with other pension schemes, allowing for as minimal work as possible.

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Cloud Based Systems

Online payroll is typically the most efficient way to manage a business’s payroll process and also allows management to access all parts of the data from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Cloud based systems can, however, provide some security worries when dealing with the kinds of sensitive information inherent in payroll.

Smaller payroll providers are typically less likely to be targeted by hackers as the rewards are not as obvious as those for larger suppliers but that does not mean The Payroll Site does not offer a high level of security. As the system is basic, although still offering a high level of quality, the security measures are easier to implement, making them one of the most secure providers in the UK.

Salary Processing

Processing staff wages, and the various requirements that involves, is at the heart of any payroll process, but that does not mean all providers are the same. It also is not true that a more encompassing system is inherently superior to a simple one and The Payroll Site are a perfect example of that.

The Payroll Site provide up to date tax legislation, accurate calculations and an ease of use that is considered second to none by those within the industry. But if you do run into any issues when using the software, they provide telephone support to help at every step of the way. More on that later.

Payslip Printing

As previously alluded to, simplicity does not mean lack of ability when it comes to payroll and this is another example of a well-designed system that is more than capable of providing the basic needs of your payroll process. Payslip printing can be accessed 24/7 and typically takes no more than 5 minutes to achieve.

Full Support and Advice

If you are a small business the chances are you do not have sufficient knowledge of payroll to be able to efficiently and accurately run such a system. Unless you can afford to fully outsource the process it is vital the software provider is able to help you when issues arise.

Being a family run business, with a package that is designed for small enterprises, means The Payroll Site are able to offer a support service that has more in common with an IT partnership than it does a basic software provider. Phone support is of the highest quality and their friendly, personal service makes them almost unique, particularly when compared to the service offered by some larger providers.


With most payroll providers prices are rarely upfront and information can only be accessed by speaking to an advisor. This can be frustrating when trying to compare the various services available and makes research time consuming and often frustrating.

The Payroll Site instead provides upfront pricing systems that are easy to understand, without the need for being exposed to sales pitches. This is partly due to the fact that they provide a straightforward service that does not need high amounts of flexibility, something that is rarely required for clients with the size of workforce they cater for.

Prices start from just £5.75 per month for 1-5 employees and stretch to £50.75 per month for between 40 and 50 employees. These prices are calculated as a whole and not per employee, making them one of the most affordable providers in the UK.