The Guild Payroll Umbrella Company Review

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 1 June 2021

This article will give you an overview of The Guild Payroll Umbrella company, and the services they offer in the UK.

The Guild is a well established commercial contractor serving the construction industry, and meeting the needs of mainstream and specialist contractors around the UK. Their services encompass payroll, legal and tax advice and resources, helping construction companies comply with legislation so that they can focus on running their businesses.

The company states that they only offer their services to professionally run construction companies, and subcontract only to workers who comply with the rules and regulations associated with the Construction Industry Scheme. The Guild has been in operation since 1998, and serves all types of construction industry client organisations from small partnerships to large limited companies.

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Services offered

Construction Industry Scheme Compliance

The Guild’s long history of working within the parameters of the Construction Industry Scheme makes them experts in this area, and their compliance services include:

  • Making sure that all tax on payments to sub-contractors is accounted for regarding HMRC
  • Helping clients to formulate and present legally robust contracts for their sub-contractors, and providing a source of guidance in this area
  • Retains the services of experienced advisors in the Construction Industry Scheme to further help their clients

Employment Law

  • Checking the immigration status of their clients’ sub-contractors
  • Helping with anti-fraud activity to ensure that sub-contractor identity is verified
  • The Guild’s in-house legal team deals with any employment claims made against their clients, working alongside

External Legal Advisors up to and during a Trial

  • Debt recovery services on behalf of construction industry contractors
  • Advice for clients working on government projects

Payroll Administration, Management & Advice

  • Calculation and deduction of Construction Industry Tax at source
  • Transfer of net pay amounts to clients’ sub-contractors
  • Administration associated with HR issues, such as memos concerning health and safety notices, availability of extra hours, or seasonal payment arrangements at Christmas

Benefits of Using The Guild

  • Several administrative burdens are removed at the same time, including the production of contracts, those associated with payroll processing, and the passing on of general clerical information and notices.
  • Clients receive robust support and expertise if an employment claim is made against them by a sub-contractor, reducing a lot of the stress involved from such a claim and also providing invaluable practical assistance.
  • Reassurance of their compliance with the Construction Industry Scheme and other legal requirements within this industry, such as health and safety issues.
  • Various costs are removed including the administrative cost of hiring sub-contractors.
  • Contractors are able to concentrate on running and growing their own businesses.
  • In-house legal and HR teams at The Guild mean that many processes can be carried out by people who know and understand your contractor business. Continuity and this in-depth knowledge allow issues to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  • The Guild website contains a valuable ‘Resources’ section with lots of relevant articles about a variety of construction industry matters.


In order to obtain prices for their services, you will need to contact The Guild directly. As each contract is different, its charge is based on individual requirements.

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