SAP Payroll Processing & HR Software Review

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

SAP is a widely used payroll system which can help businesses manage their payroll activities as well as HR systems. Used by a number of well-known organisations, it is a great choice for businesses of any size looking to purchase bespoke payroll software. We review SAP’s Payroll software below. To find details of how to get SAP as well as other payroll software providers best suited to your business needs, fill out the form above and Expert Market UK will bring you results based on your requirements.

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SAP Payroll Processing and HR Software


SAP is a well-regarded provider of payroll and HR services which allows businesses to manage their payroll quickly and effectively, incorporating many time saving solutions in order to process payroll. Whilst they are able to operate internationally, SAP is able to provide solutions for businesses in the UK, adhering to the HMRC’s PAYE regulations as well as others.

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SAP is an especially useful tool for large businesses, enabling them to manage multiple accounts and ensure accuracy and efficiency for employees. Using SAP software, businesses are able to easily manage payments through BACS and other means to employees and keep data in place using secure methods. Amongst the features of SAP’s payroll and HR software is the ability to include benefits and deductions for tax and NI, student loans and more, as well as offer additional payments as well as monthly, weekly or 4-weekly processing.

SAP software can be integrated with some third party applications to streamline business processes as well as be combined with SAP’s other programmes depending on the business need.


There are a number of benefits to using SAP systems for payroll and HR systems. Their statistics show that businesses who use SAP who also deal with multiple currencies and languages as many in the UK do, will benefit from 14% less errors with payments which can make a big difference to employees. SAP’s processes are simplified, allow for automatic payments as well as manual adjustments should they need to be made.

Using more efficient systems means that time and resources are saved which means reduced operating costs for businesses. Information can be collected and shared easily across different SAP systems which reduces the administration involved from HR individuals and makes the chances of error minimal. SAP also offer valuable customer support and training to help businesses get to grips with the software.


SAP Payroll and HR Software has a number of high profile users, including the BBC. Users vary from small businesses right through to large corporations and come from a range of industries. Those who use SAP value its easy to use interface and simple integration as well as the reporting features which allow end of year calculations and information changes easy and quick.

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The prices for using SAP’s software vary from businesses to business and can be obtained on an individual basis by contacting SAP directly.

As one of the most popular payroll software systems, SAP is a reliable system which can make processing payroll easier and more effective and is an ideal solution for those looking to manage their payroll internally. SAP however is just one of the available systems for businesses. Use Expert Market’s specially designed search tool to find payroll software solutions most suitable to your business requirements such as your number of staff and your budget. All you need to do is complete the form at the top of the page with your details to get started.

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