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Pegasus Payroll

Pegasus have been at the forefront of payroll software for more than 35 years, during which time they have become one of the most highly regarded services in the UK. With customers as diverse and reputable as Café Nero and Paul’s Boutique, they continue to provide cutting edge software that is both reliable and flexible in its applications.


One of the outstanding parts of the Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll and HR software is its ability to integrate with other packages. As a stand-alone piece of software it is capable of all the basic functions you would expect from a payroll software but it can be seamlessly used in conjunction with personal organisers and HR designs as well. Its main features include:

  • User Security Level Customisation
  • Flexibility
  • Unlimited Business Profiles
  • In Depth Employee Profiles
  • Payslip Printing
  • Automated Calculations
  • Backup And Security
  • All-Encompassing Reporting

User Security Level Flexibility

Pegasus allows you to create various profiles that can access easily defined levels of the software, allowing for a variety of employees to contribute to the system without having access to all the company’s sensitive information.

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Flexibility is one of the key aspects of any payroll software or service as the company utilising it has specific needs depending on the sector and size of its workforce. Pegasus provides a platform that allows payments to employees to be set at weekly, bi weekly or monthly intervals and cheques and payslips may also be designed to the business’s liking.

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Unlimited Business Profiles

With one software package, Pegasus allows you to add multiple businesses to the platform, allowing owners of various businesses to reap the benefits of the system without having to implement new packages.

In Depth Employee Profiles

The ability to keep in depth employee profiles is crucial to most businesses. This is typically down to the fact that most employees do not have the same requirements. Staff roles, working hours and requirements can be varied and this will need to be accounted for when choosing your payroll software. Pegasus keeps records for up 1,000 payslips per employee, meaning even your longest serving members of staff are fully catalogued.

Payslips Printing

While you may assume the ability to print payslips would be a standard feature of any payroll software, the fact is it is often overlooked by those researching the software, leading to immediate problems after committing to a purchase or contract. Pegasus allows businesses to reprint payslips from any period of your records.

Automated Calculations

Automation within the software is at the heart of making your payroll process as straightforward and efficient as possible, and with the implementation of real time information rules from HMRC, this has become an even more essential feature. The Pegasus Opera 3 Payroll is a fully automated system that makes the entire process as stress free as possible.

Backup And Security

With such important and sensitive information being processed, payroll software needs to be as secure as possible. Pegasus provide fully backed up and easy to restore capabilities as well as a high level of security, providing peace of mind for all its users.

All Encompassing Reporting

The overview and reporting facilities of any payroll system are central to its effectiveness. The balance of simplicity and depth of information is key and to this end Pegasus have designed a system perfect for larger businesses, that is intuitive yet complex, with a diverse workforce. Whether it is pension information or individual work practices, Pegasus make reporting as easy as the accessibility of the data.


As payroll can be a complex process, particularly for businesses with a diversity of workforce, it is essential that support is easy to access, in depth and helpful. Pegasus provides various support lines for each part of their business, including customer service, sales and general enquiry. There are also email and fax facilities and they even invite customers to come to their office if convenient.