Payroll Providers Comparison: Features, Packages, and Plans

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 30 April 2018

There are a number of reliable, effective providers of payroll services for businesses, helping them to make the process of paying their employees easier and more accurate as well as taking away the concern over HRMC tax and National Insurance regulations and requirements.

We give you details of some of the available payroll providers below. To help you get a more dedicated search based on your business needs, fill out the form above and Expert Market UK will return results for payroll providers best suited to your requirements.

Payroll Providers

Outsourcing payroll is one of the ways in which businesses can benefit from reduced administration costs, reliable payment systems as well as the confidence that the correct employment and tax guidelines are being met. There are a number of reliable providers based in the UK who offer these services, providing both support and assistance and part-management right through to fully outsourced services.

Payroll agencies charge much less than you would think, and in a number of cases, particularly for small and medium businesses, can work out cheaper than hiring a payroll accountant or investing in expensive payroll software. Below are just some of the recommended providers based in the UK.

PBS HR and Payroll Services

Providing businesses with a fully managed payroll service, PBS are a trusted provider who work with clients in the UK as well as internationally.

Working with small and medium sized organisations, they can help businesses to save money on their payroll activities as well as provide an efficient and accurate service to benefit employees. Amongst the many services offered by PBS are payroll implementation, payroll software solutions, pensions administration, P11D form completion as well as end of year accounts.

The prices for PBS’ services vary depending on the size of your organisation and can be obtained from the agency directly. PBS provide payroll services to businesses from across a range of industries in the UK.

Trace Payroll

Providing fully outsourced payroll services to businesses, Trace Payroll can ensure a professional, money saving service for employers which allows them to deliver pay to employees on time and at the right rates.

They have worked with the HMRC for a number of years in order to ensure that they can stick to strict guidelines and regulations and therefore deal with tax and PAYE matters on your behalf, including end of year reporting. Trace Payroll have a number of satisfied clients which include ESAB, Paris Smith, Herman Miller and many others.

Their rates vary according to factors such as your business size, with quotations for services available from the company directly.

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Cintra’s extensive range of payroll and HR services are able to ensure that businesses can manage their payroll effectively, without the need to worry about doing this in house. Ideal for businesses of any size, Cintra’s services include BACS payments, payslip creation, PAYE calculations and deductions as well as reporting and year end submissions.

A trusted and reliable company, Cintra are experienced in dealing with businesses across the UK and Europe and offer their services at competitive rates. They even offer specialised services for small businesses to help them benefit even further from Cintra’s payroll solutions. Prices for Cintra’s services are worked out on an individual basis and can be obtained from Cintra directly.

Equiniti ICS

Equiniti ICS are a professional payroll and HR agency who can provide crucial support to businesses looking to outsource these activities.

Their comprehensive range of payroll services allow businesses to save money and time as well as ensure that they are adhering to the HMRC’s strict regulations regarding tax and PAYE. Amongst their services are bureau services, fully managed payroll services and more such as BACS payments, payslip generation, tax report filing and year end reporting as well as others.

Their processing rate is over 99.99% accurate which gives businesses and employees assurance that their payments are in safe hands. With years’ of experience in the industry, Equiniti is a reliable UK payroll service provider to help make the process of managing payroll simple and hassle free. Fees for services can be obtained by speaking to Equiniti directly.


Liberata offer complete payroll and HR solutions for businesses, helping them to manage their staff’s interests and payments effectively and without having to dedicate additional time and resources which may detract from other business functions.

Liberata’s services include fully outsourced payroll both in the UK and abroad, dealing with issues such as processing payments via BACS, managing PAYE deductions, year end accounting and more. Their payroll services can also be combined with HR services in order to provide more effective employee management.

Liberata’s friendly and experienced team can provide businesses with many useful solutions to help them save money and deliver better results.


Mouchel provide a number of services to businesses, including outsourced payroll services. As one of the leading providers in the UK, they can take care of all of your payroll needs as well as offer advice and consultancy with regards to existing systems.

Using secure methods to safeguard payments and employee data, Mouchel are a trusted payroll agency whose many services include BACS payments, payslip generation, RTI reporting, end of year reporting and more to ensure a fully comprehensive service to businesses.

They offer services at competitive rates to ensure great value for businesses of all sizes, and help take the strain off of managing payroll in-house. Prices for Mouchel’s services can be discussed with them directly.

The payroll providers reviewed above are just some of the available providers for payroll services in the UK, offering solutions for businesses of all sizes to help them manage their payroll in the best way possible for employees.

Whilst these are just a small number of recommended providers, Expert Market UK can help you with an even more detailed search based on your business needs such as your business size, your frequency of payments and your budget. Simply complete the form at the top of the page to get started.

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