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NWM Solutions Payroll Review 2018

Company profile

NWM Solutions is a well-established payroll umbrella company working within the construction industry, and provides services to self-employed sub-contractors and agencies. The company is based in Bournemouth and has been working within this industry since 2007.

NWM Solutions is a member of the Association of Labour Providers, and has achieved ISO9001 and 14001 accreditation. ISO9001 is a Quality Management standard intended to improve business processes, and ISO14001 standard relates to becoming more environmentally-aware and reducing activities that produce waste.

Sub-contractor services offered

NWM Solutions offers ‘umbrella’ services related to payroll, general administration of paperwork such as contracts, and provide a high level of insurance to their clients. These services are intended to take away the worry of legislative compliance and the administrative burden associated with self-employment.

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Some of the features of these services are:

Same day payments, no set up or leaving costs and Public Liability Insurance and Professional Imdemnity Insurance included of £5,000,000 are included within the service. Each account will be provided with a Personal Account Manager who can be contacted whenever issues arise. The accounts can be viewed online, allowing employees to view details of their pay and update any personal information that may need amending.

There are no restrictions on the number of short-term assignments that can be dealt with at any one time. Work-related expenses are paid free of tax and National Insurance, and paid holiday entitlements will also be managed.

This easy to use system includes agency/contractor invoicing, flexible management and submission of allowable expenses, either online or by post.

Clients will also recent email confirmation when payments are made and statements of pay and monthly tax deduction statements can be viewed within the online account, emailed or posted

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Benefits of using the service

  • Quick and easy payments: deductions will already be made on your behalf, which means that the cash will be in your bank account with little delay
  • Easy-to-use technology and online systems will provide all the information you need in one place, allowing for easy amendments and updates to the system
  • Invoicing and other self-employment administration is taken care of by the company, freeing you up to concentrate on your work duties, and taking focus away from HR and payroll duties
  • Online submission of receipted allowable expenses makes expensing a quick and efficient process. By scanning and uploading your claim and emailing a claim form back to the company the process is cut down to ensure maximum time efficiency
  • Control over your work is not taken away; you can still choose contracts and negotiate prices and timescales for the contracts you work on, ensuring a stronghold on the tasks at hand
  • Save time and effort on the general administrative tasks associated with self-employment and free up your time for important tasks and projects

NWM Solutions also provides services to recruiters and agencies, and their vast expertise within the construction industry makes them a good choice for agencies within this industry. Their legal expertise can be applied to drafting terms of contracts and applying employment law, and as experts in sub-contractor tax issues and the Construction Industry Scheme, the company offers advice and guidance to a range of agencies and recruiters.


Although no specific prices are displayed on the company website, NWM Solutions state that they charge a low margin of £5, with no administrative costs applied for sub-contractor set up or leaving.

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