Pay Across the UK

By charlie morley

Ever wanted to know who the big earners are in the UK? Expert Market has produced a brand new infographic that reveals all.

Using data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports for 2014/15, we have broken it down by age, gender, geographical location and job title to bring you the ultimate profile that guarantees a sizeable income.

Keen for a big pay rise? You might want to consider moving to London and starting a career in aviation. Pilots earn the highest weekly salary and just living in London earns employees 30% more than the rest of the UK.

Steer clear of Northern Ireland if you’re after that promotion as they come in with the lowest average salary earning £10,000 less annually than the Big Smoke.

Less easy to control, the gender pay gap continues to thrive, with men earning an average 23% more than women.

Times will seem tough when Brits first enter the workplace with 18-21 year olds earning the lowest income. However, fear not because salaries will increase into your 50s.

Conclusion: 40 year old male pilots living in London are the high fliers; female, teenage bartenders residing in Northern Ireland come in at the bottom of the barrel.

age pay across uk

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