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Kashflow Payroll Services

Kashflow provide affordable and clearly designed payroll and accounting software that is extremely popular with SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises). Founded in 2005, offering a simple accounting tool, they have since been acquired by Iris, one of the largest providers in the UK. To this day, Kashflow continue to provide intuitive and reliable software to the UK market.


The Kashflow payroll software is one of three packages on offer; the other two are small and large accounting platforms. It is affordable, just £15 per month, and feature rich with the kind of intuitive design businesses crave, allowing for minimal training and maintenance.

The main features include:

  • Intuitive Design
  • Cloud Hosted System
  • Compatibility
  • Flexibility
  • Automation
  • Staff Management
  • Reporting
  • Security
Help & Support
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Intuitive Design

As previously alluded to, Kashflow provide a platform that is easy to use, meaning even those not well-versed in the practice of payroll management are able to get a grasp of the system with relative ease. This is not to say that a beginner could run the entire system and process, but it does take less training than most platforms on offer.

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Cloud Hosted Systems

Cloud systems are the easiest systems to run as all your data is stored via the Internet. Because the system is updated and maintained by the provider, this is one area you need not worry about. It also allows businesses to access the system from anywhere that has an Internet connection, allowing for complete control of the day-to-day running of the your business’s payroll and accounting even when out of the office.


If you are already running your payroll on another platform, Kashflow is able to transfer your data with the minimum of fuss. This compatibility is inherent with all areas of the software and also allows you to link up with a vast range of applications, including Amazon, Vend and Salesforce.


With payroll software the typical choice is between a complex system with various capabilities or an easy to use design that simplifies the basic payroll processes. Although more expensive systems do offer advanced features not available with Kashflow, for an SME provider they do present a flexibility that is rare for such software. Aside from the previously mentioned compatibility with other software and applications, it also allows for customised overviews, invoice templates and various levels of automation.


Automation is key to the effectiveness of even the most basic payroll software and Kashflow provide one of the simplest automated systems for the market. Whether it is recurring purchases, bank transactions, enrolment or sending payslips, all the major functions you need from payroll software are included.

Staff Management

As the needs of a payroll system have expanded in recent years, so have the capabilities of the software. No longer is it enough to just process the wages and tax calculations of your business. Kashflow provides highly detailed data on all your staff, including sick days, holiday pay and work hours. This is on top of processing pension payments, setting up pension schemes and maternity or paternity pay.


Another area of the payroll process that has become more in depth and complex in recent years is reporting. Here is another part of the Kashflow payroll software that is flexible and customisable for the individual needs of the business. Personalised reports of all income and expenditure are provided and detailed summaries and P45s and P60s can be automatically tailored. All reports are PDF and Excel compatible.


For all the advantages a cloud based system offers, they do come with some security concerns that should be taken into account before implementation. For this reason you should thoroughly research the security capabilities of any provider as payroll data is among the most sensitive information of any business. Kashflow provide some of the most powerful security measures available as well as detailed back up files on all data, providing peace of mind across the board.


Whether you are an experienced user of payroll software or not, support is an essential part of any payroll service or software. Payroll is a complex and wide ranging process and human error or technical issues are likely to occur at some point.

Kashflow go by the motto “9-5 isn’t enough” and provide support through the evening and weekends so their customers need never be left waiting should they need advice or technical support.

All support is entirely free and can be used as many times as necessary. If you have any worries about the system, a free 14 day trial is available, during which full support can also be accessed.