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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Human resources (or HR) involves the management of all personnel in a business to ensure their well being. HR encompasses payroll, benefits, recruitment, employment contracts and disciplinary and grievance procedures as well as screening and training new and existing members of staff.

HR essentially recruit and look after their staff, ensuring employees are adhering to procedures, disciplining when necessary and also rewarding where appropriate, i.e. promotions. HR is central to the business, and as such its handling must be correct.

Those employers, whether large or small, who do not observe UK employment law in their HR practices through lack of experience or expertise, could face serious financial and/or legal penalties, including imprisonment.

Outsourcing HR is a highly beneficial option for many businesses that may not have the resources to handle their own human resource management or wish to ensure their human resource policy is always up to date with UK law and regulations. UK payroll services can also be outsourced in a similar way.

HR outsourcing

UK Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll services in the UK is a highly cost effective and efficient method of ensuring that all staff are paid on time and in line with current UK law. Payroll services include making BACS payments, calculating overtime, handling direct debits, PAYE and NIC contributions and the issuing of pay slips. The efficient and timely transfer of wages is a crucial element of running a successful business, as is making sure that salary and employee data remain secure.

Where HR and Payroll Overlap

Human resources in the UK involves numerous legal and ethical frameworks within which companies employing staff must operate. Payroll services overlap with HR in that there are laws relating to the Minimum National Wage and other issues which require ethical and/or legal consideration by human resource management personnel such as overtime rules and the conducting of payroll in line with regulatory requirements.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

The top payroll service providers use the latest data encryption technology as well as UPS backup systems to support data centres at multiple locations, thereby ensuring the stability and security of your staff and company information. Your company and employee data is safer with an established outsourced payroll service provider than on your own computer due to the enhanced security measures they employ.

Outsourcing payroll can be extremely beneficial to small companies, freeing up the time of employees. It can also be much more cost-effective than employing a full time member of staff to action payroll.

Comparing UK Services

Comparing the top HR outsourcing and payroll services in the UK should be done carefully as you should only entrust the running of such important business functions to a reputable service provider. Given the vast number of advertisers claiming they can service your HR and payroll requirements and the ease of setting up a professional looking website, it is not sufficient to judge a service provider on the attractiveness of their website, nor the succinctness of their website content.

The most reliable method of choosing the best HR outsourcing and payroll services is to use a well-established HR and payroll services comparison website. By doing this, you can clearly compare the differences in pricing structure for all aspects of their services and base your decision on independent and unbiased reviews from a source with no preference for which provider you decide on. These comparison services are usually provided without charge so make sure you take full advantage of the free information available.

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