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Employer Services Limited Payroll Review

ESL are a relatively small payroll provider who place emphasis on innovation and excellence. At the heart of the business model is an intimate and proactive relationship with their clients, making them the ideal choice for companies that require plenty of assistance. Cutting edge technology, flexible services and a consistently high level of support make them one of the most highly regarded payroll providers in the industry, winning various awards since their inception in 1999.

Products And Services

As you might expect from an innovative company, ESL provide an efficient and modern method of managing payroll processes. There are several options available, all of which are abundantly customisable and come with a high level of support:

  • Online Payroll
  • Managed Payroll
  • International Payroll
  • E-Payslips
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Online Payroll

The online service is one of ESL’s most efficient methods of managing their client’s payroll needs. Highly effective and secure, it reduces redundant information and speeds up the entire procedure by automatically processing the most consequential information.

Security in any online service is vital, so care and attention should be taken when choosing an online payroll service. ESL are one of the most trusted in the industry, offering the service to great effect globally.

Managed Payroll

Streamlining the entire process, automating the parts that could most benefit from it and meticulously customising their client’s payroll system to achieve the highest possibly accuracy, are the main advantages to using ESL managed payroll services.

This is all achieved by high levels of support that begins with the company getting to know your business’s model intimately and helping you reach a method that is suitable to your specific needs. As innovation is key to their success, newsletters, seminars and client review meetings will also ensure your company benefits from the latest information, technology and payroll systems.

International Payroll

Despite being a relatively small company, ESL provide services on a global scale. Services include all those that are present in other ESL packages as well as process controls, an auditable delivery model and a service that conforms to local requirements in the 24 countries around the world that use them. All of this allows for greater control of payments, efficient processing of payments to employees and tax authorities and an overview of your international transactions.

One of the most frustrating parts of using an international payroll service is that it is time consuming and complex due to the various and specific rules concerning each country or region. ESL makes sure that statutory computations have been adjusted accordingly by way of a full audit, meaning that you do not have to worry about adjusting the software to your specifications. A PPD (Payroll procedures document) will also detect each area of liability.

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Payslips 4U is the newest edition of ESL’s online payment system. Allowing E-payslips, this cuts down on waste, helping the environment and creating a greener office for all their customers. This development has led to ESL winning the Green Apple Environment Award. It isn’t only the environment that benefits from the use of E-payslips, the whole process has also been found to be highly efficient and easy to use and provides a backed up record of all payments that is easy to access.

Pros And Cons

All forms of payroll management, services and products have advantages and disadvantages and no one method can be suit all possible needs. This is why services such as ESL are so highly regarded as there is a high degree of flexibility and customisation inherent within it, allowing for most businesses, with the assistance of the provider, to construct a system that is right for them.

Small businesses with few employees are probably better suited to keeping their payroll management in house with the use of an HMRC recognised, free software package as their needs are rarely complex. Cost efficiency is key here but those with over 10 employees can usually find at least some significant benefits to outsourcing their payroll processes.

Once a company’s payroll needs become multifaceted, however, the need for a professional and secure service is typically more cost efficient. What’s more, incorrect tax payments can often lead to unnecessary fines and costs in the long term.

Other issues relating to outsourcing are related to security so it is important that you utilise a trustworthy and competent company, such as ESL. Outsourcing is essentially handing over all your financial information to a stranger so whomever you choose, it is highly advisable that you research the company thoroughly.

The more staff you employ, the more likely the practice will become convoluted, especially when having to deal with pensions, sub-contractors, freelancers and international payments. This is where ESL excel, partly because their service is designed assist and adapt to each individual client.