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Blue Marble Payroll

Blue Marble Payroll is an internationally renowned supplier of payroll and HR software and services. Founded in 2013, the business model was put together by some of the most experienced minds in the industry, who believe “unifying” the business world’s payroll needs is central to producing effective, flexible and compatible products and services.


There are universal basic requirements from all payroll systems that should be met by the products and services you implement for your business, but that does not mean all such features are equally effective. Blue Marble provides quality, in depth software and services that are feature rich and easily managed.

These include:

  • International Security and Understanding
  • HR Compatibility
  • Cloud Based Systems
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • In Depth Payroll Management Software
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International Security and Understanding

One of the major advantages Blue Marble have over many of their rivals is their international structure and design. This allows them to stay ahead of the curve regarding innovation and business practices while still allowing for products and services to be designed to meet the specific needs of the region they are employed in.

Inherent in this model is a high level of security for both the Internet based system, which includes the software and the service as a whole, utilising updates and innovation that has helped make them a highly trusted payroll provider.

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HR Compatibility

HR and payroll are two areas that often have a lot of overlap. In fact a poorly designed system can cause enormous problems in the running of your business. This is particularly the case for those who are growing as their needs can change almost week by week.

Human resource reporting is key to the success of a highly functioning payroll process. With this in mind, Blue Marble have designed an innovative system and software to make sure the entire process runs as smoothly and as accurately as possible. They also offer clear overviews of all areas of staff practice, work hours and related pay.

Cloud Based Systems

Cloud based systems provide both solutions and problems for businesses, depending on the quality of the software design. On the one hand it allows managers oversight from wherever in the world they may be, as long as they have an Internet connection. On the other hand such enormously sensitive company data being stored online can be a security concern.

As previously mentioned, Blue Marble provide a high level of security software for their customers, whether that be for Internet cloud based systems or general system and data security. Data is also backed up thoroughly so you need never worry about lost information due to system failures or human error.

SaaS (Software as a System)

Software as a System has simplified the payroll process immensely in recent years and is another reason why trustworthy cloud based systems are recommended. This is particularly the case for small businesses who previously may have found the process unfathomably complex, therefore deciding to outsource parts of the process to different companies at great expense.

Blue Marble provide a simple and highly effective SaaS that is intuitive to use and specifically designed to meet the needs of the region it is used in.

In Depth Payroll Management Software

For management, the ability to fully comprehend all data about their staff and business is key, so it is vital that the platform is intuitive to use while providing comprehensive information on all keys areas.

Payroll is a highly changeable process that is influenced by everything from the business’s growth to changes in tax codes and legislation. Each part of the software must therefore be flexible enough to cope with these tendencies while not overwhelming management’s ability to track and act on data. Blue Marble, with its experience in flexible, high-end design, are perfectly suited to provide all a business’s requirements in this area.


Support for businesses comes in the form of a helpline and email, with a separate department dealing with sales enquiries, allowing for customers to access expert advice on already implemented systems and software. As Blue Marble are a truly international provider, it is not possible for them to offer support lines for each region, so all contact is made through their offices in Illinois, US.