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Best RTI Payroll Providers

Since 2013 businesses are required to process all payments to employees in real time. Payroll is therefore now required to meet RTI (Real Time Information) standards.

There are many RTI payroll providers to choose from, offering services as diverse as to use simple software to complex managed packages. Which one you choose should be informed by your specific requirements as there is no one size fits all philosophy when it comes to payroll. Accessing highly regarded products and services, however, is a must.

Some of the most renowned providers include:

  • Sage
  • Iris
  • Payroo
  • Brightpay
  • RTI Payroll Solutions


One of the most widely used payroll services in the UK, providing Payroll software that is at the cutting edge of Payroll in the 21st century.

Sage Features

Sage offer three packages to choose from in their payroll range, each with specific features tailored to the UK business needs. Sage One Payroll is designed to suit small businesses with up to 15 employees and is the most affordable option at as little as £2.50 per month. Sage 50 payroll provides a platform for real time processing of up to 500 staff, with features for pension planning, starting at £20 per month. Finally there is the more in depth Sage 50 P11 D, which is well suited to those with up to 250 employees, with added features such as automated medical insurance.

Sage Pros And Cons

Although larger enterprises can access many helpful features with Sage software, it is designed with SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) in mind. Highly affordable and easily maintained, it is the choice of many who are not well-versed in the practice of payroll processes.

Sage Support

Account management services and training are available through Sage and an online community provides you with answers to general enquiries. Otherwise there is a highly specialised help centre for all products and services.


With decades of experience, Iris process millions of employee payments and tax returns every year, winning various awards along the way.

Iris Features

Providing two separate payroll packages, cloud based and desktop, Iris present payroll solutions to small businesses with varying degrees of staff numbers and payroll requirements. There is also a managed payroll service that takes on all the complex processes related to payroll, allowing you to focus on the running of your business, including dealing with the HMRC.

Iris Pros And Cons

Iris provide scalable and affordable managed payroll, as well as well designed in house software, so there are options for just about all small businesses in the UK, regardless of size. Having said that, Iris make it clear that they focus their attentions on the smaller business, making them unsuitable for large and expansive companies.

Iris Support

There are multiple downloads available form the Iris website relating to accountancy and payroll and an active online community. There are also departments that deal with specific areas of payroll, meaning you will always be put through to support staff who are highly informed on the subject.


One of the most innovative payroll providers in the UK, Payroo provide cloud-based, automated services to SME.


The main feature of Payroo is the fact that the software is free to access. Although the HMRC also provide free payroll software, the depth of the Payroo package is surprisingly impressive in comparison. Automated legislative changes are standard and the platform is compatible with other payroll software, including Sage. A high level of security is essential for all cloud based payroll software and Payroo, with its huge customer base, is able highly trusted by both businesses and industry insiders alike.

Payroo Pros And Cons

Although the software is highly automated and easily integrated, some businesses might find the platform a little daunting when first accessing it. Others might also be put off by the browser-based system, although as previously mentioned, they provide the highest level of security. The fact it is free to access makes it suitable for those on a budget and the automated nature of all its processes means it is one of the least time consuming platforms to implement.

Payroo Support

Support levels are basic, a sales line and online form for general enquiries and an FAQ section, but once installed, the system requires rare maintenance and there is little that can go wrong.

Best Payroll Systems

Bright Pay

A small but highly innovative provider of payroll services, Bright Pay have accumulated more than 50,000 customers in the UK and Ireland.

Bright Pay Features

Simplicity is at the heart of the Bright Pay payroll platform. You can access a free 60-day trial before committing to the service, where you get to use the full facilities on offer. Basic PAYE automation for up to 10 employees makes them perfectly suited to small businesses with little experience in payroll and is free for businesses with 3 or less staff on their books.

Bright Pay Pros And Cons

Due to the simple nature of the platform, Bright Pay is only suitable for small businesses with basic needs. For many, this is very much a positive as many payroll providers offer software that only a professional can fully understand. But this should be fully understood before using the service.

Bright Pay Support

There are several methods of accessing the Bright Pay support service, including an online form and Email. They also provide a help line that is accessible Monday to Friday during normal working hours.

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RTI Payroll Solutions

An early adopter of RTI legal requirements back in 2013, RTI Payroll Solutions provide in depth solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

RTI Payment Solutions Features

A part managed payroll service, RTI allow companies to maintain a high degree of control over the running of their business while taking on the challenge of processing what is often complex and time consuming data. Affordable yet highly scalable, prices start from just under £14 per month and there is no theoretical limit to the number of staff on your payroll.

RTI Payroll Solutions Pros And Cons

Simplicity and affordability meet an all encompassing service. Although you are required to collect and submit your data to them, the rest is taken care of by a professional and highly efficient team of experts in the field.

RTI Payroll Solutions Support

A quote calculator is available for those curious about costs and is calculated per employee. There is also an Email and basic help line for general enquiries and technical support.