Paper Folding Machine Rental

By Dan Barraclough | Updated: 22 September 2017

Why Choose a Paper Folding Machine?

A paper folding machine, or letter folder as they are also known, can be a great addition to all businesses across the UK. It is a standalone piece of machinery that can be easily delivered and installed in your office. The main benefits of a paper folding machine include:

Benefits of a paper folding machine
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Paper Folding Machine Rental UK

For some businesses, paper folding machine rental can be a great alternative to purchasing one outright. Renting your equipment allows businesses to take advantage of the many benefits a letter folder can offer, without the need to pay upfront for a new machine.

Renting vs. Buying

Whether you decide to rent or buy your letter folding machine can be determined by your business needs and budget. We’ve broken down the key points you need to know below.

CostBetween 10 – 20% of machine price annuallyFrom £200
Payments Monthly or annuallyOne-off cost
Maintenance Cover OptionalOptional
Upgrades YesNo
Other benefits?Tax deductible as a business expenseFull ownership and control of the machine

What to Look for in a Letter Folding Machine

Paper Type

The type of paper you use in your business will affect the model and brand of letter folding machine you rent or buy. All machines will work effectively with standard 20lb. Paper. However, if you produce heavier documents that need folding, like brochures, magazines or photographs, you will need a more substantial paper folding machine.

Paper Volume

Consider the volume of documents that you need folding per day. The more basic folding machines can cope with approximately 1800 sheets per hour, but this increases if you are prepared to spend more on the equipment. Smaller units will also require some human help. They require someone to feed through paper every hour, and so are not entirely self-sufficient.

Folding Capabilities

For creative businesses that produce a wide range of document types it is crucial to rent a folding machine that can cope with these demands. From the simple half-fold to a complex crossfold, make sure you invest in a machine that can conduct multi-folds.

Manufacturer Support

Look out for a paper machine rental deals that include manufacture support. If there is ever a problem with your machine you will want the peace of mind that help is a quick phone call away. Rental packages can include on-site engineer visits in under 24 hours if your machine stops working.


Whether you choose to buy or rent your paper folding machine, make sure you get the right UK supplier for you with Expert Market. Fill in the form at the top of this page and receive quotes for UK folding machine suppliers in under one minute.

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