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Automatic Letter Folding and Insert Machines

Automatic Letter Folding and Insert Machines

Why an Office Needs an Automatic Letter Folding and Insert Machine?

Any office that sends out regular bulk mail can benefit from having a letter folding and insert machine to cut down the time and costs associated with folding a substantial amount of mail and inserting it into envelopes by making the process more efficient. This type of machine turns sending mailshots, circulars, invoices and statements into a more efficient and time saving process.

What Type of Machines are Available?

Paper folding machines can be useful for any size of business and can free up time for staff to be carrying out more important tasks. Friction free paper folders pull paper through the machine using rollers and can fold all volumes of paper giving a profession look to your mail.

Many offices find it better to have a machine that folds and inserts letters into envelopes. These make sending mail a less time consuming task than just having a machine that folds the mail.

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What are the Benefits of these Machines?

The main benefit of having this type of machine is the money it can save your business. By allowing staff to put letters in envelopes by hand each envelope will cost at least 5p compared to an average of £20 a week for all your mail if you have a machine to do it instead.

This can save your business over £150 a month if your staff earns the minimum wage. This type of machine will also free up staff to carry out more important tasks. A folding and inserting machine can deal with approximately 1300 envelopes an hour compared to an average of one hundred an hour by hand.

With this type of machine you can make further savings on your mail because large documents can be easily and neatly folded to fit smaller envelopes and therefore qualify for less expensive postal tariffs.

It can be possible to save up to 22p per item of mail by using a standard stamp rather than paying 61p for a large letter stamp.

It is also possible to easily insert additional marketing mail to increase sales and improve the value of your mail. These machines also produce post which is precisely folded and collated with the address being positioned correctly into the window of each envelope making each piece of mail look professionally done.

How Secure will it be?

Some folding and inserting machines allow for your mail to be personalised and for the amount of documents enclosed in each envelope to be varied ensuring that each recipient receives a perfect piece of mail.