No matter what your business does, your office needs to be stocked with all the equipment your employees need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently (yes, that does include coffee machines!). From telephone systems that help your staff communicate, to franking machines that weigh and stamp your post, our articles will help you find the right equipment – and the right office space to put it all in.

Business Telephone Systems

Person using VoIP system on a smartphone

The 11 best VoIP providers in the UK

Ready to upgrade to a flexible, WFH-friendly VoIP system? We compare 11 top VoIP providers so you can choose the best for your business.

Entrepreneur speaking on the phone and smiling

The 8 Best Phone Systems for Small Businesses

We rank the best phone systems for small business offices and remote working, comparing features, benefits, prices, and more...

What Are The Best Cordless Phones in 2022?

Find the best cordless office phone for your business or home office with our review. Get free tailored quotes today with Expert Market.

Telephone Switchboard System Comparison

Everything you need to know about telephone switchboards: We explain the different types of telephone switchboard and compare the best options on the market


Person using a photocopier

How Much Does Photocopier Rental Cost?

Don't know whether to rent or buy your next photocopier? Read our detailed guide to learn about photocopier hire.

The Best Photocopiers for Schools in the UK

Choosing The Right Copier For Your School

The Best Photocopier Companies: Our Top Six

Find the best photocopier brands and prices for your business today, and get free quotes with our detailed guide.

How to Hire or Lease an A3 Laser Printer in 2022

Learn how to hire or lease an A3 laser MFP for your business with our expert price guides and reviews.

Franking Machines

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6 Best Mailroom Equipment: What Does Your Office Need?

Choosing The Right Mailroom Equipment For Your Company

Best Franking Machines for Small Business

Find the best franking machine for your small business by comparing suppliers with Expert Market. Request free quotes to compare suppliers.

Is franking the cheapest way to send a letter?

What’s the cheapest way to send a letter? Use our cost calculator tool to find out how much a franking machine could save your business.

What Is a Royal Mail Franking License?

This article will explain what a Royal Mail franking license consists of, and how to go about getting one for your business. Franking Machine Overview A franking machine allows you to print postage directly onto your mail, without having to buy stamps or visit the Post Office.

Letter Folders

Paper Folding Machine Rental

Why a Business Needs a Letter Folding Machine A letter folding machine can be a cost effective and highly important piece of machinery for any office whether they send out high or low volumes of mail each week. Having this equipment can reduce the amount of time that staff spend folding letters and other mail. A number of different folds can be carried out depending on the type of machine you purchase or lease. It also ensures that the appearance of your mail is neat and consistent.

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UK Business Photocopier Reviews 2022

Find the best photocopier for your UK business today. Compare reviews & prices for free with Expert Market.

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6 Best Mailroom Equipment: What Does Your Office Need?

Choosing The Right Mailroom Equipment For Your Company

Letter Folders

Find the perfect letter folder for your office with Expert Market UK. Save time and money. Compare letter folding machines - top suppliers & prices.

Coffee Machines

Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine Prices

This article will give an overview of costs for coffee vending machines, and offer some top suppliers in the UK for coin operated coffee vending machines. Coffee Vending Machines

How Does a Coffee Vending Machine Work?

Whether you run a small office, a huge call centre, factory or public building (such as a hospital, for example), the chances are that the hot drinks vending machine is a popular and important piece of furniture. The machine is likely to serve not only as a dispenser of beverages, but also a spot where staff and visitors might gather for a quick chat.

Cheapest Vending Machine Hire for Hot Drinks

This article will review some of the best and cheapest suppliers of hot drinks vending machines in the UK. Cheapest Vending Machine Hire

Man getting coffee from a vending machine

Top 5 Coffee Vending Machine Rental Providers in the UK

Vending machine rentals can offer a range of different advantages, providing a service to staff and employees being one of the most significant. Not only do they provide a quick and dependable service to customers, staff, and visitors to your premises, they also have the benefit of being able to operate 24/7, and thus do away with needing to stock and run a canteen and/or tuck shop.

Office Space

The Best Free Office Spaces in the UK 2022

Accelerator offices, pretty libraries and quiet cafes: we’ve rounded up the best free office spaces in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and Bristol.

The 7 Best Shared Office Spaces in London 2022

There is a shared office space in London for everyone. Take a look at our top 7 picks, and find your perfect match.

Officio Review: Can it Help You Find the Right Workspace?

Looking to move offices? Read our Officio review to decide whether it would be a match made in workspace heaven.

Rent a desk: how much does it cost, and where can you get the most for your money?

The cost of renting a desk varies from city to city, but it needn't break the bank. Find the best deals in your city and compare prices with Expert Market.