Worldpay Merchant Services Review 2019

We take a closer look at one of the UK’s biggest merchant account providers for small businesses

There’s a reason Worldpay are one of the most trusted merchant account providers in the UK. Worldpay provide card machines, EPOS systems, online payments, and virtual terminals with strong customer support and competitive pricing. Let’s look at what their range of payment processing solutions can offer your small business.

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PDQ machines

Worldpay offer a range of PDQ machines individually or as part of a package. Whether you require an entry level device or something a bit more complex, Worldpay’s range caters to the size and unique needs of your business.


Are you looking for an affordable and reliable way of taking payments over the counter? Worldpay’s countertop PDQ machine is an smarter way to pay, and all transactions go through immediately.


Does your business require you to take payments on the go? Worldpay supply the highest quality of portable devices at an affordable price. The contactless feature lets you take portable payments quickly and easily – and there’s 24/7 support if you get stuck.


Worldpay are one of the most highly regarded mobile credit card machine providers in the country. All devices are PCI DSS compliant, taking the risk out of accepting payments. And their touchscreen technology makes them simple to use.

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As well as a team with 30 years of experience, Worldpay boasts:


UK small business users


different currencies supported


transactions per minute processed

Online payment gateway

A virtual terminal lets you process MOTO payments quickly and securely. The platform is set up in Worldpay’s backend, so if you choose to start taking payments through the virtual terminal, you’ll get a login. This means there’s no technical setup required, so you can start taking payments straight away.

Pay page

Choosing the basic pay page option lets you take card payments online without having to create or integrate a payment page to your website. Your customers are redirected to a Worldpay payment page. You can add your logo and your colours to this page to reflect your businesses’ identity and provide a smoother customer experience.

Worldpay handles all technical aspects of the transactions – they’ll process and authorise the payment for you. And you don’t need to worry about PCI compliance – all data is handled and stored by Worldpay. The customer is taken back to your website after the payment is made.

Integrated payment page

Worldpay’s integrated payment page option is more sophisticated than the simple pay page. It allows you to take payments on your own website, without redirecting your customers off your site. Your payment page can be completely tailored to your brand and shopping experience. So your customers will feel safe and secure throughout the transaction.

Since you are collecting, storing and passing on sensitive card data, you will need to meet PCI compliance standards. The Integrated Payment Page is a solution better suited to larger businesses rather than small companies.

The platform lets you monitor transactions and analyse sales performance. The monthly fee is the same whether you have one user or several. So you can easily track who made a sale and when. If you require processing payments online or over the phone, Worldpay’s virtual terminal is a great option. It’s simple to use, requires no technical knowledge to set up, and you can access it anywhere there’s an internet connection. And at just £9.95 per month, it’s also highly affordable.


Contactless is the fastest growing payment method in the UK. We’re rapidly becoming a cashless society – therefore it’s vital that your business is able to process contactless payments. Payments are secure and limited to £30 transaction values, allowing peace of mind for the customer and business. What’s more, mobile phone payments (such as Apple Pay) can be processed through Worldpay devices too. The combination of payment methods means these devices are unlikely to become obsolete as technology changes.

Pricing plans

For accurate details regarding specific contracts, you’ll need to get in touch with a Worldpay advisor.

If you don’t want to be tied down to a contract, a pay as you go model is best for you. Fixed monthly payments are perfect if you have predictable usage levels, although they don’t give you much flexibility. The standard pricing model is best for you if you’re a more established business with less predictable usage levels. Customisation is key for these contracts to ensure the best value and highest degree of flexibility.

Customer support

PDQ machines can be tricky to install and use if you don’t have experience with the technology. That’s why it’s important that your supplier provides support. Worldpay have dedicated phone lines for separate areas, letting you access advice about the day-to-day usage of your equipment and support for card payments. Basic guides for installation and FAQs are all online, and all devices are easy to set up.

Online support and management is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This lets you stay on top of payment processing, access your history and chase up unpaid invoices. Plus, the full details of your contract with Worldpay can be accessed when you need it.

Expert verdict

With intuitive, effective payment processing solutions and reliable customer support, it’s easy to see why Worldpay is so popular among small businesses in the UK. Do you want to know more about Worldpay? Thinking about setting up a merchant account for your business? Simply take a minute and fill out this form and compare quotes from our top suppliers.

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