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WorldPay Merchant Services Review 2018

With over 30 years of experience in the sector, Worldpay are one of the largest and most trusted merchant account providers in the UK. Innovative, user-friendly and flexible, Worldpay have become the largest provider in Europe.

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Products And Services

Worldpay are renowned for the wide range of products and services they provide to their customers. Card machines, EPOS systems, online payments, and virtual terminals are all available, allowing Worldpay to be one of the first ports of call for UK businesses.

PDQ Machines

Worldpay offer a full range of PDQ machines, individually or as part of a package. Whether you require entry level devices or complex, interconnected packages, all shapes and sizes of businesses and sectors can be catered for.


Typically the most affordable devices, these need to be sturdy. That isn't to say that Worldpay countertop devices are not feature rich. Contactless, intuitive and highly efficient, their countertop PDQs are reliable, lightweight and perfectly suited to most sectors.


As portable devices need to connect through Bluetooth or WiFi, reliability can be a problem. Worldpay supply the highest quality of portable devices at affordable prices. 24/7 support is provided and contactless technology comes as standard.


While poorly designed portable devices can be problematic, mobile devices have had a mixed reception. This has started to change as technology has advanced. It is vital to use a secure and reliable provider. Worldpay are one of the most highly regarded mobile credit card machine providers in the country. As all devices are PCI DSS compliant, they are also secure.

Online Payment Gateway

A virtual terminal lets you process MOTO payments quickly and securely. The platform is set up in WorldPay's backend, and if you choose to start taking payments through the virtual terminal, you will receive a login to this platform. This means there is no technical setup required and you will be able to start taking payments very quickly.

Pay Page

Choosing the basic pay page option will let you take card payments online without having to create or integrate a payment page to your website.

Your customers are redirected to a WorldPay payment page, which has basic customisation options. This means you can add your logo and your colours to the page to make the redirection experience smoother for your customers.

WorldPay handles all technical aspects of the transactions for you, including processing and authorising the payment. You don't need to worry about PCI compliance, as all data is handled and stored by WorldPay. When the payment has been made, the customer is taken back to your website.

Integrated Payment Page

WorldPay's Integrated Payment Page option is more sophisticated than the simple pay page. It allows you to take payments on your own website, without redirecting your customers off your site. Your payment page can be completely tailored to your brand and shopping experience. So your customers will feel safe and secure throughout the transaction.

Since you are collecting, storing and passing on sensitive card data, you will need to meet PCI compliance standards to be able to implement this option. The Integrated Payment Page is a solution better suited to larger businesses rather than small companies.

The platform has full reporting capabilities, letting you monitor transactions and analyse sales performance. The monthly fee is the same whether you have one user or several, so you can track who made a sale and when.

If you require processing payments online or over the phone, Worldpay’s virtual terminal is a great option. It is intuitive to use and requires no technical knowledge to set up. You can access the virtual terminal anywhere with an internet connection. At just £9.95 per month, it is also highly affordable.


Contactless is the fastest growing payment method in the UK. It is therefore vital for most businesses to process contactless payments. Payments are secure and limited to £30 transaction values, allowing peace of mind for the customer and business. What’s more, mobile phone payments (such as Apple Pay) can be processed through Worldpay devices too. The combination of payment methods means these devices are unlikely to become obsolete as technology changes.

Pricing Plans

While it is not possible to provide accurate details regarding specific contracts, (discuss this with a Worldpay advisor) payment plans are an effective way of cultivating a contract to your individual needs.

Pay as you go models are well suited to those who do not wish to be tied down to contracts.

Fixed monthly payments are perfect for those with predictable usage levels. Although this package does not provide much in the way of flexibility, it is well suited those who prefer predictability in pricing.

The standard pricing model is best suited for established businesses whose usage levels are not so predictable. Customisation is key for these contracts, ensuring the best value possible and a high degree of flexibility.

Customer Support

As PDQ machines can be tricky to install and use if you have no experience with the technology, it is important that your supplier provides support. Worldpay have dedicated phone lines for separate areas. A support line for online payments means you can access advice regarding the day-to-day usage of your equipment. A separate line is provided for card payments.

Basic guides for installation are online, and all devices are straightforward to implement. Further phone support is also available.

Online support and management is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This allows you to stay on top of payment processing, access your history and chase up unpaid invoices.

FAQs are also available online and the full details of your contract with Worldpay can be used as reference at any time.


Worldpay customers tend to sign 18 month contracts which are usually renewed automatically until 90 days’ notice is given. There is a cancellation fee if you cancel within your contract period, so read the small print carefully. Worldpay will specifically tailor their service and their charges to suit your business needs.

Operating in numerous countries and languages across the globe, WorldPay support over 120 different currencies. They are endorsed by popular organisations such as Just Giving, Secret Escapes and MoneyGram. The company were also shortlisted for two Marketing Week Awards for their Global Online Shopper Report campaign which surveyed over 19,000 shoppers to find out about their spending habits and attitude to e-commerce. This report contains invaluable information for anyone wishing to understand more about shopping trends in e-commerce.

Next Steps

If you would like to know more about WorldPay and would like to setup a merchant account for your business, simply fill out this form. Expert Market will help get you started with prices and savings.