Verifone Card Machines Review 2020

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Verifone's specialities lie in hardware and software development and sales for point of sale (POS) environments. It also offers hosted and integrated POS software solutions including mobile and online sales. The company is highly innovative and currently has annual revenues of around $2 billion and has recently returned to profit.

Verifone was founded in 1981 in Hawaii and now has over 100 offices across the world and provides products and services to merchants in over 150 countries. The company has international headquarters in San Jose, Turkey, Singapore and London.

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How to Get a Verifone Card Reader

Before you can use a Verifone chip and PIN card reader, you will need to have a merchant account with an acquirer. While Verifone doesn’t offer merchant accounts themself, its product range works with all acquirers based in the UK, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues.

There is, however, a huge difference between the different acquirers including their fees, their flexibility, and the kind of merchants they will deal with. To find the best merchant account for your business you will need to shop around – you will find a great deal of information here at Expert Market.

Some merchant acquirers will offer you specific card readers, but you are not obliged to accept their offer. They are not legally entitled to insist that you use theirs as a condition of opening a merchant account. For many merchants a Verifone payment processing solution will be better than that proposed by your acquirer.

Once you have a merchant account, you can choose to use Verifone payment services, and purchase or lease your POS and card processing hardware. Verifone offers a range of payment options including hosted payment solutions that integrate with your POS system.

Products and Features

Verifone produces a range of credit card machines. These include:

  • Countertop terminals
  • Mobile and portable terminals
  • Pin Pads
  • Unattended card payment devices
POS Countertop card payment processingVX 820 DUETAdvanced counter top payment terminal
Fast processing
Robust design
High level of security
POS Countertop card payment processingVX 825 PIN cardPOS integration
Designed for customers to enter their PIN
High levels of security
Privacy shield
Rapid processing
Card processing on the goVX 675 wireless payment terminalSmallest device of its kind on the market
Impressive ergonomic design
Highly secure solution
Choice of paper sizes

Verifone Card Machines: Countertop Terminals

Verifone countertop payment solutions are designed for all sizes of merchants. The devices are designed to be easy to use by both customers and merchants. They comply with UK and international security regulations.


The VX 820 DUET is a highly featured countertop card payment machine designed for both the merchant and consumer. It has a large colour touch screen, fast processor, and can accept contactless payments. Features include:

Efficient hand-over design for rapid data entry

  • 3.5″ colour touch display
  • Large backlit keypad
  • Ergonomic PIN pad
  • 400 MHz ARM 11 processor plus 500MB memory
  • Security: PCI PTS 3.0 approved encryption.

Verifone PIN Pads

Verifone PIN pads are generally integrated with POS systems. They are used for customers to enter a PIN number in order to authorise credit and debit card payments. They also support contactless payments.

VX 825

The VX 825 is based on the Verifone VX platform. It can be used for Chip and PIN transactions, contactless payments, and value-added applications. The device includes a privacy shield for additional security. Features include:

  • Extra security – exceeds PCI PTS 3.X, EMV and other national security standards.
  • Privacy shield to keep PIN a secret
  • High-resolution, 3.5″ colour display
  • Blue backlit keypad
  • 400 MHz ARM 11 processor with up to 500 MB memory
  • Micro SD car reader
  • Contactless payments

Price: From £280 plus VAT

Mobile and Portable Card Machines

Verifone has several wireless solutions including Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to a base station and GPRS connectivity for connecting via a mobile network. While at one time Verifone offered a free mobile card reader with its SAIL mobile account, it has now withdrawn from providing that market.

VX 675 wireless payment terminal

The Verifone VX 675 is one of the world's smallest wireless handheld payment devices which fits comfortably in the hand. It is an ideal solution for hospitality, restaurants, delivery services, or in any situation where payments need to be taken in any location. It is highly robust and drop-resistant. Its features include:

  • GPRS wireless connectivity
  • Colour screen with contactless payments reader
  • Printer accepts either 25mm or 40mm paper
  • Tamper-resistant construction
  • PCI PTS 3.0 approved.


Verifone produces a wide range of high end POS payment terminals that are likely to be an attractive option for many merchants. The range includes one of the most attractive mobile terminals on the market which is the perfect solution for merchants who need to process payments on the go anywhere and anytime.

As we have indicated, if you wish to use one or more of these excellent devices, you will first need to have a merchant account. Once you have one, you then need to sign up with Verifone and decide on one of their payment processing options.

Next Steps

Your next step is to find the right merchant account for your business. As Verifone can work with all UK acquirers, you have a wide range of acquirers to choose from. Here we can help; if you complete our web form, a number of merchant service providers will contact you directly with quotes tailored to your business needs.

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