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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 11 July 2019

takepayments' merchant services are perfect for small and independent businesses – want to find out why?

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  • Its 12-month contract lengths are some of the shortest out there
  • No setup or exit fees
  • Card machines are intuitive and easy to use

X Cons:

  • Lack of transparency regarding merchant account fees
  • Some businesses might find its ecommerce services to be overly simplistic
In a nutshell: Offering a selection of simple payment solutions, zero setup fees, and some of the shortest contracts on the market, takepayments is a small business’ dream.

takepayments (formerly Payzone) is a UK-based merchant account provider, specialising in providing payments solutions for small and independent businesses. takepayments is what’s known in the industry as an Independent Service Organisation (ISO). That means it works as a conduit between acquiring banks and merchants, to empower small businesses to get the best possible deal. 

So, if your business is ready to start accepting card payments – whether online, in person, or over the phone – takepayments can help. How, exactly? Let’s find out. 

takepayments: features and benefits

payzone card machines

Take contactless payments in-store

These days, being able to offer your customers the option to pay with contactless isn’t just a convenience – it’s a necessity. 33% of millennials avoid using cash, while 68% have been frustrated at not being able to pay with card.

Why run the risk of alienating your buyers, when it’s so easy to take card payments? takepayments offers a wide range of card (PDQ) machines that look good, are easy to use, and give your customers the chance to choose how they pay. 

takepayments' card machines are supplied by industry-leading innovators Ingenico. These smart, intuitive devices come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of your business. Countertop machines (pictured, above left) offer a reliable solution for convenience or retail stores, while wireless devices (pictured, above right) enable waiters to take payment directly to the customer.

Accept card transactions online

So you’re sold on a PDQ machine for taking payments in-store. But what about a solution for getting paid through your website? If you don’t currently have one, you’ll need to start thinking about it – because if there’s anything millennials love more than paying with contactless, it’s melting the plastic online.

takepayments' payment gateway sits cleanly on your website, and can be customised to fit the colours and branding of your business. It integrates with over 50 major UK shopping carts for ultimate flexibility, and provides a simple, secure way of accepting online payments. 

What’s more, you’ll get access to takepayments' ‘Merchant Management System’ – an intuitive reporting tool that lets you monitor all your transactions in real-time.

payzone payment gateway on a desktop

takepayments' payment gateway provides a smooth, seamless buying experience for your customers

Get paid over the phone

You may already take orders over the phone – but have you thought about taking payment over the phone, too? If not, you should – because takepayments makes it as easy as putting the kettle on. 

takepayments' virtual terminal is a secure, web-based portal that allows you to take card payments over the phone. There’s no software to download or maintain – just open up your laptop, and log in.

But how does it work? Well, you dial your customer, type in their card details, and click a button. Then, simply sit back, drink your tea, and watch the funds roll in. The tea’s optional, but neglecting the ease and convenience of takepayments' virtual terminal isn’t!

Send invoices and receive payment via email

Sending invoices (and chasing payment for them) lies at the heart of how most UK SMEs do business. But without the right systems in place, it can be hard to keep track of who’s paid, and which invoices are still outstanding.

Here’s where takepayments' so-simple-it’s-brilliant eInvoicing feature comes in. Send invoices via email with a click, and receive payment for them through takepayments. It’s safe, secure, and accepts all major credit cards

You’ll also be able to send and print receipts for your customer’s records, while keeping your own books balanced with takepayments' online real-time reporting feature.

Expand your point of sale (POS) system

Doing business face-to-face isn’t just about collecting the payment. Nope – you’ll also need to log the transaction in a system to check the product’s price, add up the total order value, and help you monitor overall stock levels. This is where an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system comes in. 

Thankfully, while takepayments is an out-and-out merchant account provider, it’s partnered with top UK-based supplier EPOS Now to provide integrated packages from £65 per month. This includes your card machine, plus unlimited support, next-day equipment replacement, and a simple, fee-free setup.

How much do takepayments' merchant services cost?

As with any and all merchant accounts, takepayments' services come with a balance of fees and charges you’ll need to understand before you jump in. What you’ll pay depends on your business’ size and current sales volume, so you’ll need to enquire with takepayments to get an accurate quote

However, we can still give you a rough guide to what you can expect to pay with takepayments:

Setup fee? Nope. There’s no cost to get set up with takepayments, whether you plan to take payments online, or just in your bricks-and-mortar store. 

Transaction fee? That’s a given. No one works for free, least of all merchant account providers. You can expect to pay a percentage of each card payment you take – for credit cards, that’ll be around 0.65% + 1p per transaction, while debit cards accrue a 1.3% charge.

Transaction fees apply to all card payments you accept through takepayments – whether they’re in-store, over the phone, or through your website. To see how takepayments' fees compare to other top UK merchant account providers, click here for our complete merchant account fees breakdown.

PDQ machine rental fee? This is a monthly payment you’ll make for the rental of your card machine (if you’re taking face-to-face payments). It’s usually around £20 to £25 per device, but this cost will vary based on the specific needs of your business. 

Minimum monthly service charge (MMSC)? This is a minimum monthly spend takepayments will impose on your account. If your card processing fees add up to less than this amount at the end of the month, you’ll be charged the agreed minimum spend. With takepayments, we believe this fee to be around £10.

Want to know more about how much you can expect to pay for a merchant account? We can help. Simply take a minute to complete our quick webform, and we’ll get you access to free, tailored merchant services quotes for your business

What do takepayments' customer reviews say?

With thousands of reviewers able to leave their candid (and frequently brutal) opinions about companies from the safety of a keyboard, it’s rare to see businesses come out unscathed. takepayments, however, manages to do it. 

It boasts a healthy Trustpilot score of 9/10, with a rating of ‘Excellent’. 81% of reviewers awarded five stars, with a further 5% opting for a four star assessment. Sure, takepayments did have a few detractors – 11% slammed the merchant account provider with the dreaded one star. However, from a total pool of almost 5,000 reviews… that’s not bad.

We found a particularly nice review that helps demonstrate takepayments' dedication to customer service:

Testimonial user photo

“I spoke to David Abu-Jaber today, who very kindly helped me set up my new terminal, and answered any questions I had regarding the machine’s functions.

“David also looked into making sure my account was up to date (after experiencing a few hiccups with my last terminal), to make sure I wasn't charged for any rental in this time period. 

“David has sent me a cancellation notice letter to pass on to my current provider, to help the change-over process run smoothly. 

“David was very helpful and polite. Going by the service I received today, I would highly recommend takepayments to others.”

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Expert verdict

takepayments has been empowering small and independent businesses across the UK to accept card payments for more than 25 years. Its ethos, as espoused by CEO Clive Kahn, is “a fair deal for UK businesses.” Good sentiment – but does takepayments deliver on it? 

Well, we believe it does. It’s extremely highly-rated by its customers online, and offers a slick suite of straightforward, yet highly effective solutions for accepting card payments. Throw in seven day UK-based phone support, and you’ve got a payments solution that will tick all the boxes for your small business. 

Speaking of boxes, click one below if you’re ready to receive quotes from merchant account suppliers. Just select the type of payment you want to accept, and fill out our webform. It takes a minute, is totally free, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the fairest deal for your business.

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