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Stripe Payment Gateway Review 2018

Stripe provides payment gateway solutions for ecommerce websites that are designed to be integrated into websites. Stripe began as a startup 2010 and went on to attract substantial investment from the off; today it is valued at $3.57 billion. Its tagline is that it provides payment solutions for developers. Stripe online payments were launched in the UK in 2013.

The Stripe payment gateway is fully featured. It has a simple transparent payment structure and its pricing is competitive. There is no need for merchants to have a merchant account and no requirement for PCI security compliance.

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Products and Features

The Stripe Payment Gateway allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments without the need to have a merchant account. It is a viable alternative to PayPal though with a substantially different image.

Online payment processingStripe payment gateway for developersExtensive library of advanced features for integration
System can process Bitcoin transactions

As the company says on its homepage, the Stripe payment gateway is targeted at developers, but if you aren’t a developer don’t let this put you off; in reality Stripe is easy to implement. However if you are a developer, Stripe libraries are available in a wide range of languages. Some of the features include:.

  • Stripe Checkout – this is an embeddable payment form for multiple platforms that allows customers to pay without being directed away from your website.
  • Stripe.js - This allows you to collect credit card details without the information reaching your server. It converts card data to a token which can be used only once and which you can pass to your server and use to to charge the customer.
  • Stripe Connect – Allows merchants to provide their customers with seamless payment processing. It also gives merchants secure and legally compliant access to their customers’ payment data for use in other applications.
  • Integrated mobile payments - Many mobile applications make use of Stripe’s Android and iOS libraries to permit customers to make payments on the go. .
  • Recurring billing - Stripe subscription APIs allow merchants to store customers card details securely for recurring billings and subscriptions.
  • Accounting integration - Reporting data can be accessed in real time and can be connected to existing accounting packages. You can connect Stripe with your existing accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. .
  • Fraud protection - Stripe includes proven fraud protection measures that will keep your business safe. .
  • Ultimate security - Stripe meets PCI security compliance as no sensitive data reaches your servers.
  • Currency conversion - International customers can pay in their local currency and your account will be settled in your preferred currency.
  • Bitcoin – Bitcoin payments can be processed

Pricing: 2.4% of transaction value plus 20p. For volumes greater that £20,000 per month lower charges are negotiable. There are no monthly charges and for any refunds, payment charges are reversed.


Stripe is an easily implemented payment gateway with many excellent features. It can readily be integrated with any website allowing payments to be taken securely. Currency conversion, recurring billing, account integration and many other features are available. Payment charges are transparent with no hidden extras and are competitive; and importantly you don’t need a merchant account to use it.

One of the main appeals of Stripe is that it is a real alternative to PayPal with similar pricing, but it has many features that PayPal lacks, for instance Bitcoin payment processing and a large library of applications and features. The downside is that the processing charges are relatively high compared to those that can be achieved with a merchant account.

Next Steps

For taking card payments without the need to have a merchant account, Stripe is a great solution, but it possible to process card payments more cheaply with a merchant account and other payment gateways. To discover alternative deals, just complete our web form and several merchant services providers will contact you with quotes tailored to your specific business needs.