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SagePay Payment Gateway Review 2018

Developed from a union of Protx, the UK's fastest growing PSP (payment services provider) and established UK brand Sage, SagePay delivers payment gateway and merchant account services to over 45,000 businesses, processing millions of secure payments every month.

They provide tailor made services from the most basic EPOS (electronic point of sale) applications to complex models for e-commerce and telephone sales.

Their extensive portfolio includes start-ups and SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to major online consumers and corporate brands.

In order to start accepting payment by card, all businesses are required to adopt a merchant account and payment gateway. This facility will enable them to receive payments, authorise card details and ensure that the cardholders have sufficient funds to complete their transaction.

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The benefits offered by employing the services of SagePay include:

  • The rapid and secure movement of money
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance (the highest level of card data security available)
  • Solutions for the easy management and reconciliation of payments
  • Competitive transaction costs
  • Payment system monitoring 24/7
  • Essential fraud prevention tools
  • Simplified, flexible integration
  • Comprehensive online support from fully trained UK based experts 24/7
Payment Gateway IntegrationPCI compliant payment gateway integrationSecurely hosted payment pages with no need for merchant PCI compliance
API integration
iFrame integration
MOTO paymentsVirtual terminalVirtual terminal service including 24/7 customer support and real-time authorisation

SagePay Payment Services

Payment Gateway Integration

SagePay have designed their merchant account services platform to provide maximum flexibility of integration to suit the needs of their diverse clientele. Options include self-hosted solutions and outsourced payment applications at no extra charge to the customer.

The integration models allow for the customisation of payment pages to best suit the specific needs of the trader and there is also the opportunity to reduce the required level of PCI DSS compliance depending on the integration option chosen.

The Form Integration application provides the quickest and easiest option for the customer and offers a SagePay hosted payment page, fully customisable templates and no audit required to meet the PCI DSS compliance, only an online self-assessment questionnaire.

The Server Integration option delivers the same benefits of SagePay payment page hosting, the ability to customise as required and the simplified PCI DSS compliance rules. Customers will not collate any card data but reports may be accessed and run through their own server.

For more complex requirements, the Server and inFrame solutions are ideal for those who:

  • Wish to keep customers on the website while they are making a purchase.
  • Require the security of outsourcing online payments.
  • Prefer virtually the same appearance as delivered through a self-hosted application.
  • Prefer not to handle collected card data on site but still require access to additional customer details.
  • Wish to develop their own transaction reporting solutions and carry out automated transaction functions.
  • Want to link payments into existing back office software.
  • Require a payment gateway compatible with popular e-commerce platforms and shopping carts.
  • Wish to minimise PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Direct Integration is recommended for those businesses which:

  • Need to retain total control over the checkout process.
  • Want to manage the complete payment process internally.
  • Wish to develop their own payment software.
  • Prefer to retain their own management area and transaction reporting.
  • Are prepared to invest in data-security solutions such as audits, certification and vulnerability scans.
  • Are willing to maintain higher levels of PCI DSS compliance at greater costs to the business.

MOTO Payments

Payment gateway services provide an additional element to the merchant account solutions by allowing payments to be processed securely over the phone or online.

Sage Pay provides streamlined integration with no contract and total transparency of fees. Included in the standard package is:

  • 100 telephone and online transaction quarterly
  • 24/7 access to UK-based telephone support and advice free of charge
  • Free advanced fraud prevention, screening tools and customised payment pages
  • Acceptance of all types of transaction payments; phone, online, email, through flexible processing options
  • The acceptance of multiple currencies
  • Real-time payment authorisation
  • User friendly online management tools for live reporting

Next Steps

If you are interested in hearing more about setting up a SagePay merchant account for your business, then fill out the form at the top of this page and a select group of excellent suppliers will get in touch with you.