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Based in the UK, Paymentsense provide payment processing devices and solutions for SMEs (Small to Medium sized Enterprises). Winner of multiple awards, they are ranked as one of the fastest growing private companies across the continent and were finalists for the prestigious National Business Awards 2016.

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Payment services include :

  • Countertop card machines
  • Portable devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Payment gateways
  • Virtual terminals
  • Merchant accounts

Card Machines

Paymentsense provide cutting edge card machines for a wide range of functions and budgets. These devices are perfectly designed for the retail and hospitality industries, although many other sectors can utilise their products as well. Merchant accounts are provided with transparent packages, and the technology, although cutting edge, is easy to both use and install.


Paymentsense can have your countertop device functioning within 3 days of purchase, making them the fastest provider for installation in the UK. Installation is simple, so much so that even a novice can have the device up and running in a matter of minutes.

Countertop devices not only process chip and pin payments, but are also contactless capable as standard. Not only this but Apple Pay, the fastest growing payment method in the UK, is also available, meaning your device will remain relevant for years to come.

At the heart of card payment is speed of use, but many older devices require up to 30 seconds to process payments. Paymentsense countertop models allow for payments to be completed within just a few seconds, making them among the fastest in the industry.


With all the speed and capabilities that countertop models provide, Paymentsense portable devices are perfectly designed to meet the needs of a variety of hospitality industry business.

The most important capabilities a portable device needs to provide are reliability and robustness. Hospitality industries in particular require devices to be able to stand up to the bumps and bruises that are commonplace in a busy restaurant or bar. Paymentsense mobile devices have a long battery life, full UK coverage with SIM rolling capacity and a sturdy design.

For speed and convenience, receipt printing takes moments and all major credit cards, Apple Pay and contactless are compatible. Devices are light, compact, easy to use and merchant accounts are also provided as part of the package.


Mobile payments combine all the reliability, ease of use and payment capabilities of the countertop and portable devices, but with the ability to take card or mobile phone payments anywhere at any time.

Paymentsense mobile payments are among the most reliable in the country and coverage is as complete as you might expect for even the most powerful portable models.


With e-Commerce being such a major part of retail in the 21st century, it is something of a surprise that payment processing from some sources remains below par. Paymentsense, however, provide an easy to use virtual terminal and a payment gateway that can be used to great effect by small to medium sized businesses.

Standard features include:

  • Merchant accounts
  • Security
  • Multiple shopping carts
  • Pay now buttons and Email
  • Electronic invoices
  • Online reports

Payment Gateways

Paymentsense provide highly reliable and secure payment gateways for SME that sell goods and services online. The helpline and simplicity of use means even beginners to online trading are able to access its advantages with ease.

Virtual Terminals

Paymentsense virtual terminals are simple to set up and use, they also allow phone payments to be taken anywhere with access to the Internet. This freedom to process payments is only as good as the virtual terminal is dependable, to which end Paymentsense are well regarded for their secure and reliable platform.


There are three packages to choose from, all of which include a merchant account, payment gateway, pay now button and multiple shopping carts. For yearly packages there is a discount of two months to encourage long term users.

PackageYearly Payment LimitPrice Per MonthPrice Per Month + Discount

Help and Support

Arguably the main reason Paymentsense are so highly regarded by both industry insiders and customers alike is the all encompassing level of support they provide. For small businesses with little experience with the technology, this is vital for getting the most out of both devices and services.

A 24 hours helpline is available to all, which is particularly important for late opening enterprises, such as is typically the case for the hospitality industry. Installation advice, although rarely needed, is also always at hand.

There is a separate line for sales enquiries, meaning you are able to access the specific information you need before committing, and online resources, including FAQs and how to guides, are accessible on the company website.

Paymentsense also provide all merchants with a free, no-obligation quote for their card payment solution. The sales line is free to call and you can even request a same-day callback through their short online form.

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