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PayLane Merchant Account Review 2018

PayLane are an online payment processing provider who stand out from others in the merchant account industry for one very distinct reason.

As well as focusing upon ways for payments to be taken quickly and easily, even in cases where the buyer and payment card are not present (e.g. MOTO payments), they are committed to helping UK businesses widen their customer demographics, assisting them in forming relationships with previously unreachable demographics through their payment technologies.

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Products and Services

Unlike other merchant account providers, PayLane do not offer physical products such as PDQ terminals, but instead focus upon online solutions and e-commerce services for businesses both in the UK and abroad.

Credit & Debit Card PaymentsShopping cart pluginsAPI integration for popular shopping carts like ZenCart & Magento
Alternative payment methodse-Wallets & account transfersPayment methods that offer an alternative to credit card processing
Subscription paymentsRecurring payments & direct debitsTools to manage ongoing payments via several payment options including accounts, credit cards and direct debits

Credit & Debit Card Payments

Using PayLane’s services, businesses with a commercial website are able to use an integrated payment processing solution alongside a pre-approved shopping basket, such as ZenCart, to allow customers to purchase products from the comfort of their own home.

Online shopping is quickly becoming the preferred method of shopping in the UK today. With added security measures provided by companies like PayLane who handle personal information rather than the merchant, e-commerce is becoming safer and providing customers with an initiative to shop.

e-Wallets and Account Transfers

Online shopping isn’t just about credit and debit cards, with some shoppers preferring to transfer funds directly from a traditional current account, or from an online account known as an e-Wallet.

PayLane allow for these alternative payment methods, with relationships with major UK and international banks including Barclays and Deutsche Bank, as well as online financial establishments such as PayPal and GiroPay. Using PayLane opens up options and adds flexibility, appealing to a wider range of shoppers who want optimum choice in terms of how they pay for their goods.

Recurring Payments and Direct Debits

One very appealing feature of PayLane’s products and services is the ability to adequately manage recurring payments rather than simply one off purchases. This makes it a good merchant account choice for businesses who offer subscriptions or ongoing services to their customers.

PayLane ensures that the correct amount is deducted on time at a set frequency, and via a method agreed with the customer, whether that be credit card, direct debit or online financial account. This feature minimises internal administration, reduces the risk of missed payments and keeps subscriptions running smoothly.


PayLane offer a wide variety of payment options, giving customers huge choice and flexibility over how they make payments online. PayLane accept payments made in160 different currencies, making them a truly international brand. The company handle all conversion rates, making it easy for UK businesses to reach out to international customers.

PayLane are compatible with, and have relationships with, a number of big name financial brands, instilling confidence in the buyer. Pricing is considered to be good value for money in relation to other merchant account services presently available in the UK.

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