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Credit Card Machine Rental and Hire

When deciding to get credit card machines for your business, the first decision you need to make is whether to buy or rent a machine. Buying can be a good option for those with the capital to invest. But many businesses prefer to rent a credit card machines, avoiding the initial outlay.

How to Hire a Credit Card Machine

Once you have committed to renting, work out how many devices and what types of machines your business needs. Also consider which features the devices should come with and what your monthly budget is.

A good supplier will advise you on all matters, and provide information about fees and tech support.

A contract length can encapsulate anything from a one off event to multiple years. The longer the contract, the more important it is for you to think about your needs changing in the future. The best suppliers provide a high degree of flexibility, but more rigid, and lengthier contracts tend to be cheaper.

credit card machine rental

Credit Card Machine Types

There are three main types of credit card machines; countertop, portable and mobile. Different sectors will require one or a combination of these devices.

Countertop Device Rental

Countertop devices for small retail businesses tend to be the cheapest to hire, the most reliable and require less technical features. These are typically chip and pin only. With the popularity of contactless and mobile pay methods, newer models are becoming more complex, so this is a market that is fast changing. Many shops, bars and restaurants are implementing these newer models because they are highly efficient compared to chip and pin models. They are perfectly suited to businesses with a high customer turnover.


Offering contactless as standard, Worldpay provide affordable, innovative and reliable countertop devices. Capable of processing all major credit cards and with a transparent pricing model, Worldpay are one of the most popular suppliers of card machines in the world.

Seymour Direct

Seymour Direct have been in the industry for many years and can provide numerous services for businesses looking to hire credit card machines for long term use or for one-off events such as conferences. Offering competitive rates, quick delivery and the newest products on the market, Seymour Direct have everything a business could need.

From mobile, Bluetooth and static systems, they have the latest chip and pin devices which are offered with merchant accounts for easy integration. Quotes are based on an individual basis depending on length of contract and number of units required.

You should now have grasp of how to hire a credit card or PDQ machine and the rates you'll pay. The companies listed above are just a small sample of the available providers which can be found using Expert Market.

Portable/Wireless Device Rental

The most popular used model in hospitality industries, wireless devices enable businesses to take the card machine to the customer. This makes them particularly well-suited, perhaps vital, for restaurants in particular. Devices tend to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPRS to send data. It should be noted that battery life and the sturdiness of machines that are continuously knocked around still presents some issues with poorly designed models.

Sage Pay

Using 3G or GPRS, Sage Pay portable credit card machines offer some of the most reliable and secure models on the market. As Sage Pay provide devices that are not technology heavy, battery life is not an issue, easily lasting throughout a busy day and capable of being fully charged for the next day’s work. Sturdy in design and reliable, their devices continue to be among the most popular, particularly in the hospitality industry.


Adelante are a UK based business who offer a range of payment solutions for companies, including the hire of PDQ machines. Offering both short term and long term lets, Adelante can offer Bluetooth, static, mobile and smartphone card readers as well as providing support and assistance for installation and troubleshooting.

As one of the leading PDQ rental agencies, Adelante are able to provide advice for businesses and assess their needs before recommending options. Prices vary according to the contract length and the number of units required.

Wireless Terminal Solutions

Wireless Terminal Solutions offer affordable, reliable PDQ rental in the UK. They provide a flexible range of options for business including the provision of static, mobile and Bluetooth devices that give retailers a bigger choice to work out the best solution for their customers.

Their rental options include short term and long term options. All come with out of hours support services and they can also set up merchant accounts for their clients. Professional and efficient, Wireless Terminal Solutions start their agreements on as little as £16 per month.

Mobile Device Rental

In recent years mobile device use has soared. This is partly due to the fact the technology has gone from inconsistent, particularly in rural areas, to reliable and feature-rich. Mobile machines are often used in businesses that process payments outside, like markets, events and delivery services. The technology remains less reliable than the other methods. Although as it uses GPRS, the same as your mobile phone, this is less of an issue as long as the device you are using is of high quality.


Barclaycard are one of the most highly regarded providers of mobile card reading devices in the UK. Lightweight but sturdy, highly reliable - using the Vodafone or o2 networks. Payments are processed into your account within 3-4 working days, and their rates are competitive. What’s more, each device fully charges in under an hour and can process around 750 transactions per charge.

New Horizon Systems

With competitive and clear pricing, New Horizon Systems are a great provider of mobile PDQ systems for both long term and short term rental in the UK. Their pricing system is clear and includes a warranty that takes care of any faulty equipment.

New Horizon Systems make it easy for businesses to hire systems, with easy delivery and no nonsense agreements. Prices for rentals start from as little as £50 a week, and increase depending on the number of systems.

PDQ Hire London

Providing mobile PDQ systems to business across the UK, PDQ Hire London are based in the capital, providing long term and short term rentals of PDQ and credit card machines as well as GPRS based card machines for more mobile processing.

With machines featuring the latest features such as contactless payments, PDQ Hire London offer excellent value for money as well as support should anything go wrong. Their rates are competitive and can be obtained directly from PDQ Hire London.

Mobile Terminals

Mobile Terminals are an experienced and reliable card machine rental company who offer flexible and straightforward solutions for businesses. Working with businesses to establish their requirements, Mobile Terminals can offer a range of card machine types including mobile and static systems, with quick delivery and competitive rates.

Hire for short term begins at around £79.95 per unit for a week’s rental. They will even include set-up and supplies such as till rolls in their costs to ensure that you have everything you need to get started with mobile payments.

Next Steps

For a more detailed search based on criteria such as your location and budget, fill out this form and Expert Market UK will search for the best providers for your requirements.

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