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Lloyds Cardnet Merchant Services Review 2018

Lloyds Cardnet is an award winning merchant service that is hugely popular with British businesses as diverse as small cafes and large multi-national retailers. Processing over 2.5m transactions a day, they are also one of the most popular suppliers on the planet.

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Cardnet provides a platform whereby you can process a range of payment options at both yours and your customer’s convenience. There is also a range of hardware that can be easily integrated into existing or Lloyds Clover EPOS system.

Features include:

  • A full range of payment options
  • Set up time
  • International transactions
  • Reporting
  • Transparent rates
  • Individual tailoring

A Full Range Of Payment Options

Lloyds Cardnet is able to process a huge range of debit and credit cards from global sources, including JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) and American Express. Online payments are made simple with the Cardnet Hosted Payment Page, perfect for those not experienced with the technical aspects of online payment systems, and a straightforward virtual terminal for those who require phone payments. Most payments will be processed within a few working days.

Set Up Time

Most merchant accounts take some time to set up. This is due to the fact that there is a high level of background checks to be made and financial liability for the provider. Once you have submitted all relevant documentation, however, set up takes between 7 to 10 working days, although from the original time of application it can take up to a month.

International Transactions

Cardnet makes international payments possible for all businesses, but this is particularly important for Ecommerce. Charges are set to the interest rate of when the purchase was made, so customers are assured of the cost of each transaction in advance.


Cardnet provides a transparent and easy to manage overview of all your transactions and merchant account services. These are available 24/7 as long as you have an Internet connection. In depth reporting is all encompassing and includes business overviews, including fees and monthly statements, as well as multi-currency, real time transaction tracking.

Transparent Rates

The Cardnet pricing structure is designed so you have a full and clear view of every fee involved with your merchant account. This will depend on the service you require from the bank, the volume and value of your monthly transactions and the risk to Lloyds itself relating to your credit rating.

Individual Tailoring

Because Cardnet is a scalable and highly customisable merchant account, you are able to access the services within it in a way that suits your business’s size and operation. This also allows the account and relatated products and services, to grow with your business, something that is vital for SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) and the start-ups that are able to access the service.

Relevant Businesses

While there is no restriction in practice to the types of sector Cardnet supply merchant accounts for, that is not to say the service is open to all. Small businesses that do not process many transactions either in value or volume are unlikely to be accepted for standard merchant accounts such as Lloyds Cardnet. This is often an issue for seasonal business, such as summer holiday accommodation.

Those who already have a Lloyds Business Account are at an advantage, and because Cardnet is designed for well-established businesses, it can be difficult to access if you are a start-up.

Large retail and hospitality enterprises make up the majority of Cardnet’s client base, but small businesses can benefit greatly from their expertise as long as they have a strong credit history.


There is a great deal of support for Cardnet merchant account holders, which starts from the moment you apply for the service. Your service advisor will keep you informed as to the process of decision-making and, once accepted, you will receive both technical and general advice from your relationship manager. This is a highly personalised service that provides support for every aspect of your business relating to the account.

There is a card payment helpline that can assist you in any issues you might be having with the service or technology and the DCI PSS compliant payment gateway is fully understood by experienced staff at the bank.

There are also step by step online guides to get you started as well as full installation, meaning you have the account and card payment capabilities running as soon as possible.

A separate helpline directed at new customers means access to help can be streamlined and you can avoid any sales pitches that many of the other help lines offer.