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iZettle Card Reader for Small Business Review 2018

izettle card reader

iZettle is an application that allows merchants to accept card payments via their Smartphone, iPad or Android device. iZettle is the mobile POS solution that sole traders, entrepreneurs and small business owners have been waiting for.

iZettle was launched in Stockholm in Sweden in 2011 and has since become operational in 10 countries including the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

Applying for an iZettle account is as simple as setting up Paypal, although businesses will need a credit check before receiving a payment facility. The merchant downloads the app, completes a form with their details, and connects it to their bank account.

How much does iZettle's Card Reader cost?

Upfront Costs

Business owners must pay an upfront cost of £59 to receive the card reader device itself.

The card reader does not come with a receipt printer, so unless you are able to email receipts to your customers, this will be an additional upfront cost.

The charging dock, iZettle Dock, costs an additional £39.

Recurring Costs

One of the main advantages of iZettle's product is that there are no monthly fees . While most payment processing companies charge a fixed fee per transaction, iZettle only charges a percentage of the transaction cost.

iZettle's transaction charges start at 2.75% and work down on a sliding scale to 1.00%, depending on sales volume.

In practice this means that most small businesses will pay 2.75% of every transaction to iZettle, with no other monthly costs or fixed fees.

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Products and Services

iZettle is known as a card reader that plugs into a mobile phone, but behind it is a powerful EPOS suite which lets you run your whole business from a tablet or smartphone. Business owners receive free reporting and analytics. This can provide great advantages for merchants in remote locations such as market stalls or other mobile sales operations.

Face to face paymentsiZettle smartphone card readerCard reader device which plug into the headphone jack of a smartphone or tablet
EPOS SuiteiZettle backendCloud-based sales suite which tracks your sales and allows for in-depth analysis

iZettle Payment Options

Merchants using iZettle can take payments in two ways:

Via a Card Reader

This connects to the merchant’s iPad and processes the payment. The customer signs the card reader, which takes a photograph for additional authorisation. The fees for this service are 2.75% per transaction.

Without a Card Reader

A merchant using iZettle who has a merchant account can start the iZettle app, select the manual payment option, and enter the customer’s mobile phone number. The customer receives a link to a secure website on their phone, which they can follow in order to authorise the payment.

The merchant then receives a message confirming that the payment has been authorised. Of course, the no-card method requires the customer to have a smartphone with 3G access. The fee for transactions processed this way is 0.1p plus 3.5%.


The iZettle is primarily designed for small merchants at trade shows or fairs for whom the cost of renting a terminal for a short time is unecessary.

The rates are more expensive than those of a standard payment gateway, but the lack of any other fees and the extremely simple set up process make this an ideal solution for occasional usage.

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