Ingenico Payment Services Review 2020

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Let’s take a look at what this pioneering payment services provider can bring to your business

ingenico payment services review


  • Offers the most widely used and innovative card machines on the market
  • Wide variety of ecommerce solutions available
  • 40 years of experience
  • Excellent customer support

X Cons:

  • Pricing not transparent
  • Not as suited to smaller businesses
In a nutshell: Ingenico’s industry-leading payment solutions are innovative and highly scalable. However, smaller and medium-sized businesses will be better off looking at the value offered by a UK-based merchant account provider.

Ingenico is a Paris-based company that provides payment solutions for businesses around the world. Its industry-leading ecommerce technology and card machines let merchants accept any kind of payment, from mobile wallets to biometrics.

Ingenico has led the payments industry for nearly 40 years, accruing an illustrious list of clients along the way. Ingenico’s payment solutions power 70% of the world’s top 30 leading retail brands, as well as over 300,000 small businesses across the UK and beyond.

But is it right for you? What can Ingenico bring to your business?

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Quick facts

  • Founded in 1980 by Jean-Jacques Poutrel and Michel Malhouitre 
  • Employs 7,500 people across 36 countries
  • Recognised by Equileap in the 2018 Gender Equality Global Ranking
  • Ingenico's smart terminals boast the world's largest in-store acceptance network

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What are Ingenico’s features and benefits?

Accept face-to-face card payments

Ingenico is widely considered to have invented the modern card payment (PDQ) machine. Even if you don’t recognise the name, it’s almost certain you’ll have punched your PIN number into one of Ingenico’s card machines at some point. 

From Sainsbury’s to Pizza Hut, Ingenico’s card terminals are everywhere – and it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular.  
ingenico PDQ machine
Ingenico’s card terminals are durable, secure, easy to use, and integrate with your electronic point of sale (EPOS) system. There’s a range of dynamic options available, which will let you accept payments from behind the counter, or take payment directly to your customer.

Ingenico’s card machines let you give your customers more ways to pay, and mean you’ll never have to miss a sale.

Expand the borders of your business

Ingenico connects to over 150 alternative payment methods (think mobile wallets and debit cards) and different credit cards from around the world. This means you can accept a range of payment methods, while giving your international customers the convenience of being able to pay with their own currency.

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Ingenico operates across 5 continents, 170 countries and 88 sites – and can help you expand your international presence, too

Become an ecommerce guru

Ingenico provides advanced facilities to let you take payments via your website. Its payment gateway can either be hosted on your website or on Ingenico’s servers, offering a flexible way to get paid online. 

Ingenico’s ecommerce solutions are easy to set up, and can be customised with your business’ logo and branding. Ingenico’s experts will also help you improve your payments user experience (UX), while optimising for fraud prevention.

Accept online payments with Ingenico

Ecommerce payment gateway

With an integrated payment page hosted by Ingenico, your customers can pay for things on your website in just a few clicks.

This type of page is fast, secure, and can be customised to match your website’s colours and aesthetic. Better still, this option means you won’t have to worry about PCI compliance – that responsibility lies with Ingenico.

Alias Gateway

Ingenico’s Alias Gateway is a secure, in-page payment application. Your customer will stay on your website during the payment process, seeing your website’s URL in their browser at all times. Your customer’s payment details will then be submitted from their browser directly to the Ingenico secure payment platform. 

This type of integration can increase trust and boost conversions. It’ll also help keep your costs to a minimum, since you won’t need to achieve full PCI compliance.

Direct Link

Ingenico’s Direct Link solution works via a direct API (application programming interface) integration with your payment pages. Your customer’s card details will be captured on your site, before passing via the API to Ingenico’s secure payment platform.

This solution ensures your customers will get the most seamless buying experience possible. However, you’ll need to shoulder the hefty weight of PCI compliance yourself, which can be tricky and costly.

ingenico payment services

Ingenico’s Alias Gateway lets your customers make secure online payments, without ever having to leave your website

Stay ahead of the curve

Ingenico wouldn’t be the leader in its field without being good at innovating. And, in a payments space where security and verification methods are constantly evolving (and with merchants needing to adapt accordingly), that innovation is crucial in helping you keep up with the times.

Just one example is Ingenico’s card terminals, which now empower you to offer your customers even more ways to pay. Its Move/2500 B card machine uses a fingerprint reader to verify payments, while Ingenico’s wider range of self-service solutions let you accept card payments without needing an attendant. Savvy!

Boss your industry

Ingenico provides a range of industry-specific payment solutions to help you get ahead of the competition. Whether you’re in banking, retail, hospitality, or transport, Ingenico has you covered. 

Get quality support, when you need it

Ingenico’s team are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, answering your questions and resolving issues in the language you feel most comfortable with.

How much do Ingenico’s solutions cost?

Ingenico’s prices aren’t clearly advertised, and aren’t available on its website. But don’t fret – this is mainly because of the nature of Ingenico’s services and business model. 

Ingenico supplies the card machines and the software that your business needs to accept card payments. However, you won’t necessarily work with Ingenico directly. Indirectly, you can still utilise Ingenico’s services through a merchant account provider – such as Worldpay or Handepay – to get the best deal for your small business.

Did You Know?

As well as offering its own merchant account, Ingenico partners with more than 1,000 merchant account providers and acquiring banks around the world.

A merchant account provider will set you up with a plan that suits the size, sales volume, and specific needs of your business. Merchant account fees differ because of all these factors, so you’ll usually need to enquire to get a quote. 

Here’s where we can help. Take a moment to fill out our free quote-finding form at the top of the page. It takes less than a minute – just enter a couple of details about the solution you’re looking for, and you’ll receive tailored quotes from several merchant account suppliers.

In a nutshell: Ingenico’s prices aren’t readily available, due to it operating within a complex network of resellers and merchant account providers. To get a quote from a merchant account provider, simply click here to get started.

Is Ingenico right for my business?

There’s no denying it – Ingenico is the most innovative, forward-thinking payment service provider on the planet. Ingenico’s client list speaks for itself, and many of its partners and clients are household names in the UK.

However, if your business isn’t quite a household name yet, you might be better served by a merchant account provider that’s more attuned to the needs of small businesses. Merseyside-based Handepay, for instance, boasts some of the best rates for SMEs, while Worldpay is a larger example of an excellent all-round merchant account provider.

takepayments and Retail Merchant Services are also reliable, homegrown merchant account suppliers, while First Data offers a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Still wondering if Ingenico is right for you? Have a read of our FAQs below.

“I run a small business. Is Ingenico right for me?”

Whether you sell online or from your bricks and mortar store, you need to be accepting card payments. But if your business (and sales volume) is still quite small, you're better off with a more local merchant account provider.

That's not to say you can't benefit from Ingenico's savvy card machines, though – many local merchant account suppliers have deals to supply Ingenico's equipment to small businesses, but at more affordable rates.

“I operate a large business and am looking to scale. Should I work with Ingenico directly?”

The short answer is yes – you should. As an established industry-leader with a huge international presence and almost four decades of experience, Ingenico can supply the product, the technology, the advice, and the network to boost your business.

Ingenico can help you implement a highly scalable, forward-thinking ecommerce solution that will translate to new, international markets. And for your physical sites, Ingenico can supply card machines offering your global customers a wealth of revolutionary ways to part with their cash.

Want to compare quotes from a range of different options? Click your turnover below to see if you’re eligible for free quotes for your business.

What do Ingenico’s customer reviews say?

Consistent, reliable reviews of Ingenico are actually pretty hard to come by across the internet. There’s currently only one English-speaking review on its UK Trustpilot page. It’s unfavourable, but the reviewer’s ire seems to be targeted more at their merchant account provider, rather than their Ingenico-branded card machine. 

So, while we can’t give you the ultimate opinion of the people, what we can offer is our…

Expert verdict

If you’re a large business, or are just looking to scale (fast!), Ingenico represents an excellent solution. It brings 40 years of experience in the industry, and sports the size and scope to match even the loftiest of commercial ambitions. 

Its card machines are the most innovative (and widely used) on the market. Its ecommerce solutions are intuitive, and come with round-the-clock phone support. And to top it off, Ingenico’s progressive payments solutions can help you keep up with the tightening security demands being placed on UK merchants.

That said, small and medium-sized businesses may get more value through a more modest, UK-based merchant account provider. To receive more information from the UK’s leading merchant account suppliers, just take a moment to fill out our free webform. Then simply sit back, and they’ll provide you with tailored quotes.

What other payment services could I consider?

If you’re looking to start taking card payments online, face-to-face, or over the phone, then good news – there are plenty of companies that can help you get the ball rolling. 

And the even better news is that we’ve reviewed a large portion of them. Dive into the table below for a little more light reading!

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