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Previously known as Ogone, Ingenico is one of the largest merchant account providers in the world, with 60,000 businesses as customers across more than 70 countries. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, Ingenico provide a vast array of merchant account services, technology and platforms as well as marketing solutions and employee schemes.

Ingenico operate both on and offline, allowing merchants to process payments in their e-commerce stores, on their mobile, or bricks and mortar stores.

Ingenico review
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Products and services

Ingenico offers businesses of all sizes an option that will work for them. The cater to small businesses looking for a simple over-the-phone or mail order credit card processing, to more versatile options for shopping cart integration, and premium options that offer advanced fraud protection, robust reporting and one-page checkout capability.

Online Paymentse-CommerceSecurely hosted payment page with no need for merchant PCI compliance
Online PaymentsAlias GatewayiFrame style integration with minimal PCI requirements
Online PaymentsDirect LinkSeamless shopping experience, suitable for large companies that have achieved PCI compliance
Mobile paymentsMobile-optimised payments on-page or in-appSuitable for Android and iOS, includes various customisation options
MOTO paymentsVirtual terminalVirtual terminal service with no need for technical setup and multiple user support

Online payments


The Ingenico e-commerce solution is an integrated payment page or pay button that lets your customers pay with one click on an Ingenico payment page.

No PCI compliance is required to implement this payment solution, as the PCI burden is entirely with Ingenico. e-commerce is easy and fast to set up, and the page can be customised to match your own website’s branding.

Alias Gateway

The Alias Gateway is a secure in-page payment application. Your customer stays on your website during the payment process, seeing your website’s URL in his browser at all times.

However, his payment details are submitted from his browser directly to the Ingenico secure payment platform. This type of integration can increase trust and boost conversions, while keeping your costs to a minimum since you don’t need to achieve full PCI compliance.

Direct Link

The Direct Link solution is an API integration for your payment pages. The customer’s card details are captured on your site and pass through your server to Ingenico’s secure payment platform.

This solution ensures a seamless buying experience for your customers. However, full PCI compliance must be achieved in order to be able to implement it.

Mobile payments

Ingenico offers various mobile payment solutions. These include mobile optimised payment pages, and in-app payment libraries. The optimised solutions let you take payments from customers on their mobiles, whether they are using your mobile or app.

All components are easy and to embed. A mobile optimised payment page is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Mobile app payment libraries are available for Android and iOS.

MOTO payments

Ingenico offers a virtual terminal solution for merchants who want to take payments over the phone (MOTO payments). The terminal is set up in Ingenico’s backend, and you can receive a login for the platform to start taking payments.

Virtual payments

Virtual payments allow phone and email payments to be processed remotely, as long as you have access to the Internet. Ingenico provide a web-based platform where you only need to enter the customer’s details and payment is received almost immediately. The main issue with virtual payments is they require a reliable website and many businesses have lost custom due to poor payment gateways or inefficiently designed platforms. Ingenico provide reliability and support to get the most out of your virtual payment terminal.

It’s quick and easy to start using the service and no technical implementation is necessary. You can have multiple users in a single account.


Ingenico offers three payment bundles for everyone from startups to large corporations.


The e-Terminal plan includes only MOTO payments. There is no setup fee and the plan includes 100 transactions per month. Additional transactions incur a fee of £0.15.

This plan can be a good option for very small businesses who don’t trade online and process only phone orders.


Ingenico’s Express plan includes all the features of the e-Terminal plan plus the option of taking online payments. This includes desktop and mobile optimised payment pages.

The plan is inclusive of 300 transactions a month, with additional transactions costing £0.15. There is no setup fee.


The Premium solution is Ingenico’s offering to large businesses who trade in a variety of channels and require a wide variety of options.

The plan features international payment options, in-app payment options, advanced fraud prevention and tokenisation integration for payment pages.

There is no setup fee for the Premium plan. Number of included transactions and cost of additional transactions are available on request.


No matter which electronic payment method you are utilising, security is one of the most important parts of the process. Any payments that are processed electronically, whether through the Internet, over the phone or through Bluetooth technology, require the very latest up to date security measures.

To this end, Ingenico provide powerful anti-fraud technology that has helped them to become one of the most trusted merchant account providers in the world. This is partly based on the notion that each sector has specific inherent security risks, for which Ingenico have tailored the technology and service to account for.

Transaction optimisation

Ingenico’s Transaction optimisation allows businesses a transparent overview of their business and efficient payment processing. This part of the service provides sales reports, easy integration of transactions and support. All technology is PCI DSS standard yet straightforward, meaning security and efficiency are optimised for both merchant and customer.

Gateways for international transactions

As the borders of commerce have been broken down over the last few decades, the need for a reliable and secure international payment method has become crucial for many business’s ability to grow.

Ingenico provide solutions for what can be a complex process for many businesses, particularly those who are making their first tentative steps into international transactions, making expansion as painless and profitable as possible.


While Ingenico is known for providing a range of merchant services, it is the deep level of support that they offer that is probably what they are most renowned for. Support is free across the board and there is a multi-language support team ready to help with any issues you may be having with your service.

For larger clients Ingenico also provide training to equip your company with the knowhow it needs to run complex services, and an all year round monitoring service makes sure your gateways experience as few glitches as possible.

Next steps

To find out more information on Ingenico Payment Services, fill out the form above and a dedicated Sales Representative will be able to answer any questions you may still have about their product offerings. It’s always best to check prices, latest deals and added features once on the phone.

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