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Handepay Merchant Services Review 2019

Handepay is an independent merchant services provider based in Haydock, Merseyside. The company provides credit and debit card processing services to merchants based in the UK.

Handepay Merchant Services focus on offering competitive card processing rates to independent businesses. Their aim is to provide small and medium sized businesses the excellent rates usually enjoyed by larger companies and corporations, alongside a high level of personalised service.

On average, customers switching to Handepay save 36% on their merchant services costs.

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Products and Features

Handepay offers a complete range of payment solutions including countertop, portable and mobile card terminals, eCommerce solutions, and MOTO (mail order and telephone order) payment processing.

Face to face paymentCard terminalCountertop Chip and Pin Terminals
Face to face paymentCard terminalPortable Chip and Pin Terminals
Face to face paymentCard terminalMobile Chip and Pin Terminals
Customer not present paymentVirtual terminal
eCommerce solutionsInternet merchant account and payment gateway

Card Machines

Handepay card machines include Countertop, Portable, Mobile and Mobile

Countertop Chip and PIN Terminals

Handepay’s countertop Chip and PIN terminals are fast and reliable with a small footprint. They are plug-and-play and simple to install. They include a thermal printer and can be used through a dial-up or IP connection.

All of Handepay’s countertop terminals can accept contactless payments, including mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Portable Chip and PIN Terminals

Handepay’s portable Chip and PIN Terminals use Wi-Fi to connect with a base unit. They are the ideal solution if you need to take payments at multiple points of sale. They are fast and reliable with colour screen and thermal printer, with a maximum range of 30 metres from the access point. They have a great battery life, and can process up to 500 transactions per charge.

Mobile Chip and PIN Terminals

Although they have similar styling and functionality as the portable machine, mobile card machines allow you to take payments outside of an office base. They connect over a GPRS mobile network, making it the ideal solution for businesses that take payments on the go, such as transport providers, tradespeople and market traders.

Handepay’s mobile terminals are equipped with a roaming SIM card. This means that your Chip and PIN machine will automatically use the best network, wherever you are.

eCommerce solutions

Handepay offers a range of eCommerce solutions including virtual terminal and a payment gateway.

Payment Gateway

eCommerce businesses can set up a payment gateway with Handepay or switch from their existing supplier in order to take advantage of lower processing charges. Handepay’s payment gateway can process all major credit and debit cards, along with PayPal.

The payment gateway uses a hosted payment page links to all major shopping carts. Your customers’ information is safe, as all all Handepay-supplied software has appropriate security settings, including 3D Secure.

Virtual Terminal

Businesses can accept card payments from customers who are not present at the point of sale, thanks to Handepay’s virtual terminal. Accessible from any computer with internet connection, all you need to do is log on to a personal dedicated web page.


Handepay offers a comprehensive range of merchant services that most small businesses are likely to find attractive, especially as the company offer rates that are comparable with those normally available to large businesses and corporations. Handepay really does appear to be able to save independent businesses money, with those switching to Handepay saving 36% on average.

Next Steps

If you are an independent business looking for an easy to implement secure payment processing solution, then Handepay may be your best choice.

To find out, simply fill out the form at the top of this page and receive a free quote today.