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CardSave Merchant Services Review 2018

CardSave Merchant Services Review 2018

CardSave is one of the largest and most recognized payment processing providers in the UK. In 2010 WorldPay acquired them as part of their global network of payment solutions providers.

Combined, the two brands are working to revolutionise the way credit and debit cards are used to make payments, offering a choice and flexibility that simply wasn't available to shoppers in the past. CardSave have a number of products and services that UK business owners looking for a merchant account may like to consider.

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CardSave is a popular choice and are used by over 65,000 business in the UK. One of the main reasons for this is that their mail and phone processing solutions are consistently one of the lowest cost options available on the market, and they cater to small and medium sized businesses.

On top of this, CardSave has almost 20 years experience in the industry, meaning they fully understand the needs of businesses.

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Products and Services

There are various advantages to setting up a CardSave Merchant Account, including:

  • CardSave are one of the most established payment processing providers in the UK today, meaning they're on top of the latest technologies and have strong partnerships with many well known business, including TravelEx.
  • CardSave online products are compatible with the major 3D secure technology systems in the UK, such as Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, providing heightened security against fraudulent attacks online and loss of personal information.
  • CardSave are UK based and are committed to the UK market.
  • CardSave support both local and nationwide charities, offering customers the chance to easily donate a small amount to those in need when making purchases using a PDQ machine.
PDQ machinesFace to face card processing along credit card terminals machines (portable, mobile and countertop options)
Integrated PayPageFull e-commerce payment solution
Simple PayPageHosted payment solution
OneClick PayPageEasy and quick check-out solution, alternative to traditional payment pages
Virtual Payment ProcessingVirtual terminal that allows a merchant to take MOTO (mail oder & telephone order) payments

PDQ Machines

CardSave offer different types of PDQ machine for different industries, including permanent terminals for checkouts, portable terminals for restaurants, and even mobile terminals for travelling salespeople which use the mobile phone network to connect to a payment server.

Chip & PIN Terminals:

  • Countertop: iCT250 Colour Contactless Credit & Debit Card Processing Machine
  • Portable: IWL252 Credit & Debit Card Processing Machine
  • Mobile: Mobile IWL251 GPRS Credit & Debit Card Processing Machine

CardSave Mobile IWL251 Overview

CardSave Mobile IWL251

The Cardsave Mobile IWL251 credit and debit card machine or PDQ machine, has become the most common and safest method of taking payments in the UK today.

Customers have become accustomed to using the machines, which can process all major credit and debit cards. Here are some other features of this particular model:
  • The keypad on this model has fifteen large keys and seven dedicated function keys.
  • The screen is large and easy to read.
  • The terminal uses a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
  • It uses the GPRS network rather than a fixed telephone line.
  • The payment data flows straight from the device to the financial institution, making it safe and secure.
  • It is equipped with Address Verifications Services (AVS) and Cardholder Security Code (CSC) technologies to combat fraud.

This technology allows users greater freedom to take payments on the move whether they have a mobile business, restaurant, are a market trader or tradesman. It takes just seconds to process payments both indoors and outdoors.

CardSave Website Payment Options

Integrated PayPage

The Integrated PayPage allows the customer to add products to their shopping basket, and then directs them to a secure checkout where they make the payment. The customer doesn’t leave the website during the transaction, so you can use your own branding on the payment page.

Simple PayPage

On the Simple PayPage the customer adds products to their shopping basket, and is directed to a CardSave hosted page to make their payment before being returned to your website.

OneClick PayPage

Instead of using a virtual shopping basket, this option allows you to offer One Click ordering. The customer is sent directly to a CardSave hosted payment page as soon as they click on the payment button.

Shopping Basket Overview

CardSave has 45 shopping baskets that are compatible with all three of their web payment options. They are also willing to consider adding a plugin for an off-the-shelf shopping basket if the one you use is not on their list.

CardSave provide a Developer Support section with full documentation to help you develop your own plugin if you use a bespoke shopping basket.

All of the website payment options are PCI Level 1 Compliant and have the Verified by Visa/MasterCard 3D Secure enabled.

Virtual Payment Processing

For businesses who anticipate taking a high volume of orders and payments over the phone, a virtual solution is required. Efficiency in this area is key - not only to a successful transaction, but also in terms of promoting customer confidence and satisfaction.

CardSave's Virtual Terminal is quick and easy. The order taker can enter details and have the payment confirmed while the customer is still on the telephone by using any internet enabled device, whether that be a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or even a smartphone.


CardSave has previously come in for some criticism that their customer service did not always respond to issues straight away, but in recent months this has improved.

Overall, if cost is your main concern, then CardSave is certainly worth looking into as they do provide a reliable service at a very competitive price.

CardSave offer a range of services, including legal advice with regard to payment processing, and money saving offers through collaborations with the likes of Santander and FedEx. However, their main products are directly related to payment processing, including chip and PIN machines, online services and virtual payment solutions.

Next Steps

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