Barclays Card Machine Review 2020

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

With credit and debit card transactions accounting for 71% of all UK sales, it may be a good time to get a merchant account services provider to increase your productivity and sales growth through EPOS (electronic point of sale), ecommerce and MOTO technology. All secure payments provided by Barclays are made through the business’s existing website, providing them with an online sales channel, and are delivered through a range of payment options..

Barclaycard provides the tools for user friendly, customisable web creation, which doesn’t require any technical skill, and delivers all of the services required for site construction. Customers can immediately enjoy the benefits of the simplified processing of mail order or telephone transactions via internet connection. There are no requirements for a second phone line and the system provides multi-employee access simultaneously.

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Products and Features

With a portfolio of 87,000 retailers and over 40 years experience in the sector, Barclays provides merchant account services through their Barclaycard division, offering a range of payment solutions to suit all business sectors and sizes. The company provides:

  • Countertop terminals for face to face payments (from around £15 monthly +VAT)
  • Portable PDQs for those in the service industry (e.g. restaurateurs and bar owners) who need to take the payment solution to the customer (from around £20 monthly +VAT)
  • Mobile applications for those businesses on the move (from around £25 monthly +VAT)
  • Online payments for businesses who are just getting started online or want to make their ecommerce platform simpler and more reliable.
  • Virtual terminals for businesses wanting to accept payments over the phone or by mail.
e-PDQ EssentialEntry level online payment solution from around £20/month
e-PDQ ExtraOnline payment solution and fraud protection
e-PDQ Extra PlusEnterprise e-commerce solution for large businesses from around £75/month
e-PDQ MOTO Essential Basic MOTO solution with fraud protection and all major credit cards accepted, from £15/month
e-PDQ MOTO ExtraCustomisable MOTO solution with multi-currency support and multiple user accounts, from £45/month

Online Payments

e-PDQ Essential

Barclays e-PDQ Essential package is the simplest of the options to adopt and offers Barclaycard branded payment pages for customer reassurance and a pay-as-you-go option for traders. This makes it an excellent choice as an entry level system for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and business startups.

Pricing starts from around £20 per month plus VAT.

e-PDQ Extra

The e-PDQ Extra bundle provides all of the same features as the Essential model, but in addition, delivers a facility to fully customise fraud protection settings and multi-admin accounts working simultaneously to process payments.

Pricing starts from around £45 per month plus VAT.

e-PDQ Extra Plus

e-PDQ Extra Plus is the premier service package and, in addition to all of the features from the Essential and Extra applications, offers the acceptance of multiple currencies, simultaneous multi-batch payment processing and the choice from a comprehensive range of Barclaycard branded payment pages and styles which allows for seamless integration into the businesses existing site.

Pricing starts from around £75 per month plus VAT.

MOTO Solutions

For those MOTO (mail-order-telephone-order) retailers who need to process their payments over the phone or by post, Barclaycard have designed their e-PDQ Moto Essential and e-PDQ Moto Extra packages. With no set-up charge, terminal rental from around £10 per month and a 1.5% transaction fee, businesses will find it easy to take control of their budget as they will know exactly how much they will be paying each month.

e-PDQ MOTO Essential

The e-PDQ MOTO Essential package (from around £15 per month plus VAT) is an ideal choice for small volume transactions and offers two user accounts for admin and transactions, fraud detection services, a pay-as-you-go option, and will accept all major credit and debit cards.

e-PDQ MOTO Extra

The e-PDQ MOTO Extra application (from around £45 per month plus VAT) delivers the same elements as the Essential package in addition to a multi-currency facility, 8 more user accounts for administration and transaction purposes and email notification to keep the trader and customers aware of the progression of their orders.


Barclays can be a great option for established companies looking for a bigger solution after a growth spurt, or companies looking for an all-in-one solution. If you are a small company that hasn’t been trading for long, or in a high-risk sector, you might be better off looking elsewhere for your merchant provider.

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