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Sometimes a product or service is developed which is revolutionary and has huge potential, however if potential customers do not know of its existence it is unlikely to sell. Making sure that your basic commercial proposition is visible to your potential customers is an essential part of a successful business.

This is where a professional marketing agency is invaluable. A good marketing agency can help you find the right audience, the right campaign and the right platform to help you penetrate your target market.

Functions Of A Marketing Agency

If you are looking to expand your business there are many benefits a professional agency can bring. Some of the most common functions and benefits of a marketing agency include:

Saving Time

If your staff are not specifically and properly trained in marketing the time that they may spend developing campaigns could be done by a professional team in a fraction of the time. This frees up your staff to focus on the things they are good at. Advertising, when done properly, is a time consuming endeavour but it is also a vital one. This is particularly relevant for smaller businesses, who cannot hire staff or an integrated marketing team, to focus on.

Saving Money

The initial outlay involved when hiring a marketing agency can be off-putting. A focused plan however, that pinpoints the correct audience, without disrupting your dedicated staff’s day-to-day tasks, can save an enormous amount of money, even with the initial cost factored in. What’s more, agencies are offered cheaper rates by many media outlets, which in turn can help save you money.

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Professional Advice

Becoming adept in marketing takes a long time and even longer to perfect. This can only be done with study, experience and practice. By using a competent agency, your business will be able to take advantage of expert advice in areas that may not have even occurred to you. It is often in the minutiae of a marketing campaign that success is achieved and this kind of detail can only be provided by professionals.

Rapid Execution

Once a business has decided it requires a new marketing strategy or campaign, the quicker it is implemented the better. As an agency employs staff that are able to focus and deliver on the various specific details, the execution of the campaign can be much speedier than if it was handled in house. When successful, this can have a huge impact on a business’s turnover.

Brand Awareness

Brand development is a complex and sometimes counter-intuitive task. Encompassing diverse areas such as logo design and suitably themed advertising campaigns, this can only be robustly and correctly executed by those with specific sets of skills. This is possibly one of the subtlest areas in all of advertisement and requires a deft touch and profound understanding of the market.

Reaching the Correct Audience

No matter how ingenious an ad campaign is, it amounts to very little if it’s directed at the wrong audience. You can spend a fortune of an idea only to watch it sink without a trace when it falls upon the eyes and ears of an inappropriate group of people.

Because professionals in the industry understand where the specific age group or gender will exist for a business, they can cultivate the campaign and direct its message to the potential clients and customers to maximise its effects.

Increasing Sales

The whole idea of an advertising campaign is to increase your sales and profits. Brand awareness, pinpointing the correct audience and freeing up your staff to help the entire operation function correctly, can all have profound effects on the success of a business.

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Types Of Marketing Agency

As you might expect for a sector that is used by a disparate section of businesses, there are many different types of advertisement agency. Although there is plenty of crossover, which of these is right for a specific business will need to be properly researched. The main types include:

Digital Marketing

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing agencies are almost solely concerned with using the Internet as a platform to promote a business. By trying to attract as many numbers, or visitors, as possible, they attempt to engage customers’ potential that will browse a website. Because they are able to focus this advertisement to the most relevant parts of the Internet, it can be a quite precise practice that garners significant results.

Social Media Marketing

With the growth of social media over the past decade or so, having a presence on sites like YouTube or Twitter can be enormously beneficial to a business. Some sites are able to engage up to a billion people a day, so the potential for social media marketing success is huge. Unfortunately, these numbers can mean a campaign can be easily lost amongst the noise of such sites, thus using a professional agency is wise.

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B2B Marketing

B2B stands for business to business, so as you might expect, this type of agency’s expertise lies solely in the business field. Fostering relationships and ideas are just a couple of the reasons businesses might want to make others aware of their presence, products and services.

B2B advertisement is an even larger sector than consumer advertisement in purely financial terms.

Viral Marketing

Although it may seem as if viral marketing is a new kid on the block, the fact is it has been around in one form or another for a very long time. With the advent of the Internet, however, it has come a long way in a short time.

Much like social media marketing, viral marketing uses the Internet to engage its audience. Unlike social media marketing, it does not achieve this with straightforward adverts. Short videos are the most common method employed by viral marketers, with a focus on creating word of mouth and the sharing of said video. Other ways to create a successful viral campaign are free products and services.

Design Agency

Design agencies use graphic design to create a succinct and eye-catching logo or message that can be printed onto products, such as free T-shirts and stationary. In this way a brand can be an ever-present advertisement that is seen by both those that use the products and those around them.

Creative Agency

Creative agencies are something of an amorphous entity, crossing boundaries into design, social media and many others forms of advertisement. Essentially these are the creative people behind the campaigns, offering services relating to strategy, technology and design.


PR, also known as public relations, is probably best known in the world of politics but it has been at the centre of the advertisement industry for many years. Applying its skills to every media type, from TV to newspapers, as well as conferences and tradeshows, they are mainly concerned with making sure your message gets out there to the right people.

Choosing the Right Type of Agency for your Business

As this is such a large subject, it can be difficult to know which type of agency can provide the right type of advertisement, as well as the best quality, for your operation. As this is such a big decision for a company, it does pay to research the subject thoroughly.

An agency that does not understand your business will have very little to offer, so viral marketing, for example, will not be suitable for a small family run retail outlet. Understanding what you want to achieve with your marketing strategy is key here and a professional agency should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Marketing Providers In The UK

With so many reputable, and disreputable, agencies around, it can be difficult to know where to start. These are some of the most renowned agencies in the UK:

  • Marketing Companies UK – an organisation specialising in social media campaigns
  • Jenkinson & Associates Marketing– a smaller-sized Leicestershire based organisation specialising in personal bespoke marketing solutions
  • IBMC – a company based in Scotland that specialises in internet marketing strategies
  • Catalina Marketing– an organisation with a very impressive portfolio of clients and a history going back over 20 years

How Much will an Advertising Agency Cost Me?

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As you might expect, this can depend on a range of factors. Each campaign will utilise many different skills and the costs of running it can vary wildly. Running costs are one of the largest expenses to consider.

For larger companies, TV commercials offer a reliable audience that can be easily predicted but costs range from £50,000 to £500,000. Smaller channels are not as expensive but are still out of reach for most businesses.

Magazine and newspapers do not have the scope they once had but can still demand fees of up to £200,000 at the top end. Digital advertising is not as predictable and rarely offers a potential audience that is as enormous as other platforms. At the higher end, however, this can run into the tens of thousands.

Agencies can earn their money via commission, which can be as much as 15% but does mean there are no up front costs and therefore the risk is low. This may not be suitable for larger companies as there is more to lose this way.

Service fees and project fees will also need to be factored in to costs so it pays to research what you might need, what you can afford and what is cost efficient for your business.

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