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Liberis are an SME friendly funding provider with a wealth of experience in the industry and a reputation for fairness, openness and simplicity of products and services.

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Liberis offer a full range of services that can meet the needs of the vast majority of SME (Small To Medium Sized Enterprises). This diversity of options can allow them to tailor their loans to suit the needs of their clients. While no single provider can cover the variety of needs UK businesses present, Liberis are one of the most accommodating. Loan features include:

  • Fast Business Loans
  • Unsecured Loans
  • Pay Back As You Earn
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Between £2,500 And £300,000 Limits
  • Transparency

Fast Business Loans

Business that apply for funding are generally in need of urgent finance. This can be to keep the business running during troubled times or investment opportunities. It is therefore often essential that the loan be processed as soon as possible. To this end Liberis endeavour to inform their clients within 24 hour of the decision, with over 80% of applicants successful.

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Unsecured Loans

Liberis offer cash advances. This is generally thought of as a safer funding option for the borrower as the loan need not be “Secured” by offering assets as liability, which in turn can lead to business owners losing their home. Unsecured loans, therefore, are highly sought after loans for small businesses.

Pay Back As You Earn

A cash advance can also be of benefit to the smaller enterprise as it can allow the business to grow before repayments are sought. Only when the business becomes profitable is the client compelled to pay back the loan. What each payment will be will depend on said profit and the terms of the loan.

Business Credit Cards

Although business credit cards have the reputation of being a highly risky method of funding, they can be enormously beneficial and convenient. Liberis do not charge for late payments or monthly fees so the risks of using this type of card are minimal. Much like other versions of their funding, payments are taken out at a percentage of your profits, aiming to offer a high degree of peace of mind.

Bad Credit Loans

If a business’s credit score is poor it can be near impossible to access the vital funding required to survive or grow. Unlike many financiers, Liberis do not automatically prohibit businesses with a chequered financial history, such as those with previous CCJ or non-payment of previous loans. What’s more, if you do take longer than anticipated to pay back the loan, you will not be penalised.

Between £2,500 And £300,000 Limits

A minimum of £2,500 is required if you take out a business loan with Liberis, which we believe is fairly standard for the industry. At the top end, the maximum value SME loan is £300,000, which is relatively high, although a handful provide up to £500,000. For most, however, this could be more than enough to suit their needs.


The transparency of a loan’s terms and conditions can be a good indicator to how reputable a provider is and we believe Liberis supply one of the most transparent methods of funding in the industry. As there are no hidden fees, charges or penalties, Liberis clients always know exactly what they have to pay and when. This transparency allows businesses to lend with confidence.


Each Liberis loan is different from the next. This is because each sector, and each business within each of those sectors, is unique. What’s more, Liberis loan repayment terms are set at the start of the loan and are based on the client’s size and scope. All of this makes it extremely difficult to understand exactly what the average pricing on a Liberis loan is.

As a rough guide, however, they do provide a sector by sector table on the website, providing potential clients a rough guide to the costs of the loan they are seeking.

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