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Go2 Business Loans are a peer to peer funding provider in the UK, with thousands of businesses, across a myriad of industries, accessing loans from a variety of investors. The structure of Go2 enabled loans may be perfectly suited to SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) and can be flexible and well-suited to new businesses of all types.

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Peer to peer lending is one of the fastest growing ways to access loans, proving spectacularly popular with small businesses in particular. As with any loan method, there are specific advantages and disadvantages to consider. Once a business recognises exactly what it needs, it is then important to understand all the main features the provider has to offer. These can be quite disparate regarding peer to peer funding as it partly depends on the investor, but Go2 aim to provide a transparent structure to help their clients fully comprehend the process. These include:

  • Low Interest Rates and Fees
  • Efficient Payments
  • Loan Terms Of 1, 3 and 5 Years
  • Online Overview of the Process
  • Flexibility
  • Fixed Rates

You Could Save by Comparing Business Loan Quotes

Have you taken a business loan before?

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Low Interest Rates and Fees

On average the interest rates and fees incurred with loans accessed through Go2 may be lower than most traditional providers. This is partly due to the competitive nature of the process, where investors can bid for each loan.

Efficient Payments

One of the biggest problems with traditional financial institutions can be the slowness of the loan application process, which can last for as long as several months. This can be enormously frustrating and even make the entire endeavour worthless, as investment opportunities are lost. Go2 loans are processed within a few weeks of application, helping you access funds as quickly as possible.

Loan Terms of 1, 3 and 5 Years

Go2 aims to keep their loan terms and conditions as simple as possible and this also includes the structure of their loan lengths. With 3 options to choose from 1, 3 and 5 years, everything from interest rates to the exact cost of repayments can be easily understood. Although for larger loans this can be a little restrictive, for SME funding this is often considered an advantage.

Online Overview of the Entire Process

We believe that transparency is key to the structure of peer to peer loans and Go2 allow both borrowers and lenders an overview of the entire process, making sure both fully comprehend the terms of the loan. This transparency begins from the moment of application to the month by month repayment structure, aiming to help ensure the satisfaction of all involved.


Despite the rigid structure of some parts of the process, the very nature of peer to peer funding means that each loan can be tailored to suit your needs. By that same token, however, these terms and conditions must be agreeable to the investor as well, meaning a degree of compromise is required.

Fixed Rates

As simplicity and transparency are at the heart of the service, fixed rates, one where the interest rates remain the same throughout the duration of the loan, is a part of every loan accessed through the service. These will vary from loan to loan and can often be negotiated.

How to Apply

To begin with your application must be approved by Go2 themselves and will require them to look into your credit rating and the feasibility of the loan.

Businesses are then required to upload their proposal to the auction page, where investors will “Bid” for your custom by offering their own terms and conditions on the loan you are advertising for.

It is therefore highly important that your application is thorough and well thought out in order to access as many bids as you can. The more options available, the more likely you are to find the best loan to suit you.

Once you have agreed the loan you will then sign the contract and send it back to Go2, who will provide you with the funds as soon as possible, minus a transaction fee taken paid to them.

Repayments are due every month, 30 days after the beginning of the loan, on the same day so as to make the terms easy to manage.

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