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Everline Business Loans Review


Founded just a few short years ago in 2011, Everline has gone on to become one of the top loan providers in the UK, having provided over 8,000 loans worth £90 million + to SMEs (Small To Medium Sized Enterprises).

Everline Loan Features

Each loan provider supplies a range of products and services that differ from the next. Each provider and range of loans will contain inherent advantages and disadvantages and no one funding company can be said to be “best” for all potential clients. For this reason it is important to understand the myriad of features each provider offers. In regards to Everline, these include:

  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency
  • 24/7 Service
  • Up to £120,000 Available
  • Two Month Terms
  • Transparency
  • Early Repayment Available
  • Fixed Interest Rates


Even within the confines of a small loan, flexibility can be key to the client receiving the kinds of terms, conditions and value of loan that suits their requirements. To this end, Everline can tailor the exact needs of each applicant with an online “slider” tool whereby the client can construct the most cost-efficient loan over a period to suit them.

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Although there are no guarantees, funding can be provided within a matter of hours, unlike many high street banks who often require such a prolonged amount of time to process each application that it can be a hindrance. This can, somewhat surprisingly, also be the case for many online loan providers.

24/7 Service

One of the main advantages to providing an online funding service is it is available 24/7, 365 days a year. This, however, does not necessarily mean that an online provider will be any more responsive than, for example, a high street bank.

Up To £120,000 Available

As far as small business providers go, £120,000 can be a relatively high value loan. Although it may only be made available to those with a well-established company, this can allow for faster and greater growth over a short period of time as well as clear and concise medium to long term planning.

Two Month Terms

Many small loan providers do not supply long term loans, so a 24 month option is towards the lengthier end of the small business loan. This can allow for greater flexibility, smaller monthly payments and a degree of peace of mind that the loan can be easily managed.


As with any loan contract, understanding the finer points of the small print is essential to making sure the loan is manageable. Small loans are typically easier to grasp than those that stretch over long periods or those of a particularly high value. As Everline aim to provide all important information, as well as the aforementioned ability to construct the loan to suit the client's needs at the point of application, problems with repayments can be easily avoided from the outset.

Early Repayment Available

Unlike many SME loan providers, Everline do not penalise their customers for early repayment. This means each business will only pay interest during the period that the loan is present, not over the period of time that the loan contract has been constructed. Without any penalty charges, this rewards businesses for prompt payments rather than penalising them.

Fixed Interest Rates

As the term lengths for Everline loans can reach up to 24 months, fixed interest rates should not be too much of a disadvantage to the borrower. In fact, should interest rates be low at the time the loan is accessed, it could be of great advantage.

Interest Rates

As early repayments are available, the interest rate on each loan is not set in stone. The slider tool, available on the Everline website, allows each potential client to access the cost of the loan depending on its value and term length.

We estimate that a small, shorter termed loan of around £3,000 over a period of a month, for example, will incur interest repayments of around £105. Over a period of 24 months, that will increase to approximately £1,312.50 per month.

At the other end of the scale, we estimate that a loan for £120,000 over the full 24 month period will typically incur a monthly interest rate charge of up to £52,500 and just £4,200 at the shortest period of a month.

Although these are estimates they tend to be accurate enough to present the borrower with a solid idea of the costs of their specific loan needs. Interest rates for these examples are set at around 1.75% per month.

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