Capify Business Loans Review

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer


Founded in 2008 with the merger of United Kapitol and Capiota, we believe Capify are one of the most highly regarded “alternative” funding providers in the world. With an enormous level of experience and what we believe to be a transparent working model, Capify continue to grow with services provided across multiple countries.

Loan Features

Each funding provider has inherent advantages and disadvantages within their services. What might be an issue for one may be a positive for another. Understanding these features is key to accessing the right type of loan for your company’s size, scope and general requirements. Some features available through Capify include:

  • Loans of between £3,500 and £500,000 available
  • A minimum of £7,000 per month income
  • Unsecured loans
  • Up to 75% of monthly turnover available
  • Efficient payments
  • Daily repayments
  • 5-12 month lengths
  • Easy top-up capabilities

Loans of Between £3,500 and £500,000 Available

We believe the main flexibility that Capify offers is in the range of the value of its loans. Although a minimum loan of £3,500 is not the lowest entry-level loan, the maximum limit of £500,000 should satisfy the requirements of even the larger end of the SME (Small To Medium Sized Enterprises) scale.

A Minimum Of £7,000 Per Month Income

We believe Capify loans are a little less easy to acquire than other SME loan providers, making them unsuitable for very small businesses; an average minimum of £7,000 per month must be processed through your bank account before you qualify for the loan, which is on the high side for SME funding but such a model does come with some advantages for suitable clients.

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Unsecured Loans

Because Capify require a certain level of average income, it can reduce risk and allows them to offer unsecured loans, something that is not standard across most SME funding providers. Unsecured loans are those where assets, typically property, are not put up as liability for the loan. Secured loans can lead to people losing their homes so an unsecured loan is often a far more appealing option for almost all businesses.

Up To 75% of Monthly Turnover Available

The value of a loan available from Capify will be directly related to the average monthly turnover of the company. This is standard practice within the industry and is an easily quantifiable condition to assess. Other factors, however, will also inform Capify’s decision when providing funding, including other outstanding debts and how well-established a business is.

Efficient Payments

Processing funding is an important part of a business’s requirements when applying for a loan. We believe that while many high street banks, and even some alternative funding providers, may require a significant amount of time to process a claim, Capify can release funds within days of application.

Daily Repayments

Large monthly repayments can be problematic for some borrowers, with loan repayments becoming a huge and unmanageable cost that makes the loan more of a hindrance than a help. As Capify repayments are taken in small daily amounts, the headache that comes with large repayment structures can be taken away.

5-12 Month Lengths

We believe Capify loan lengths are a little more structured than some of their rivals. This generally simplifies the process and makes for a transparent contract that the client can easily understand. While some might prefer flexible loan terms that range from one month to two years, a more traditionally structured loan might be more attractive to others.

Easy Top-Up Capabilities

One way in which Capify does offer increased flexibility over some of its rivals is the ability to access further funding during the loan term. Rather than taking out a separate loan, this can be renegotiated within the existing terms of the previous loan, meaning a change in a business’s circumstances can be adhered to.

Other Services

Like many alternative funding providers, Capify also provide other funding methods. Merchant cash advances are a way to free up cash flow for those who take payments from credit or debit cards. In effect, it is a way of accessing future profits without the same types of risks a loan debt can often present.

This can be a perfect solution for small merchant businesses. allowing for re-investment, secure planning and avoidance of costly debts.

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