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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Boost Capital are an Essex based SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprise) funding provider that works with UK businesses across a wide range of sectors.

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Loan Features

Much like their clients, each loan provider is unique in the way its service works. For this reason each provider has specific pros and cons in regards to the loans they offer, what these will be depends on the needs of the business applying. To understand whether a loan provider is right for your business it is therefore necessary to fully comprehend the workings of each financier. Boost Capital offer

  • Easy to Access Loans
  • High Risk Loans
  • Easy to Understand
  • Simple Process and Efficient
  • Loans Available from £3,000 to £500,000
  • Wide Range of Sectors
  • Term Lengths

Easy to Access Loans

For many small businesses, finding funding options with a bad credit rating or being a non-established venture makes it almost impossible to help the company grow. This can also be fatal to some enterprises. An advantage that has come with new financial providers is that funding has become easier for those who would otherwise be unable to access it. Boost Capital were founded on the principle of funding startups across the UK who might have been denied funding elsewhere.

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High Risk Loans

High risk loans in this context are those that are given to companies in “high-risk” industries. This does not necessarily mean that the company is itself a risky proposition for a loan provider, however. When such businesses are able to access funding they will typically be expected to put up assets to secure the loan, most often property, which could lead to losing your home.

Boost Capital offer unsecured loans to many UK businesses in “high risk” industries, which means nothing is put up as collateral to secure the loan.

Easy to Understand

Loans can be extremely complex, which can often lead to problems regarding repayments, misjudgment of fees or even the ability to access the funds in the most efficient way. Boost Capital loans are designed to be as transparent as possible, allowing their clients to fully comprehend the terms of the agreement from the outset. This not only aims to provide peace of mind but also the confidence to use the loan as intended.

Simple Process

We believe traditional high street bank loans are infamously complicated and accessing funds can be extremely laboured as a result. For most businesses looking to access funding, time is of the essence, so this can be an extremely important feature of the provider’s service to consider.

Although each loan is different, and there is no guaranteed timeline, Boost can verify your eligibility within 24 hours, and as the application can be extremely simple; we believe this makes them one of the most efficient funding providers in the UK.

Loans Available from £3,000 to £500,000

At between £3,000 and £500,000, Boost Capital loans are available from a fairly low minimum value to a fairly high value for SME. We believe this makes them one of the most flexible and welcoming UK financiers across the entire SME funding industry.

Wide Range of Sectors

Accessibility is one of the most talked about qualities when mentioning Boost Capital loans to their clients and this extends to the variety of UK sectors that Boost provide loans to. Ranging from dental practices to spas, from construction to restaurants, the availability of loans for UK businesses is enormous.

Other Considerations

Boost make special mention of their service’s accessibility for women. They assert that traditional lending institutions make it harder for women to access funding, despite the rapid increase of female entrepreneurs in recent years. While data is hard to come by on the subject, the general accessibility of Boost Loans can make them an attractive funding provider for many small businesses.

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