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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 2 November 2020

RBS Invoice Finance (RBSIF) offers a range of financial solutions. Invoice factoring has many levels and options to choose from and RBSIF provide one of the most in-depth resources around.

With their easy to use online service, Facflow, RBSIF also offer one of the most accessible and thorough invoice factoring facilities in the UK.

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Products and Features

Factoring is something of an umbrella term, so it may help to understand the various products and features associated with the practice. Only some of these will be relevant to your business but all may be worth considering before you commit.

RBSIF, like any good factoring service, can provide in-depth information and advice to make sure you get the most from the service.

The following are the main products and features available with RBSIF.

Online Management – Facflow

Facflow is the online management system that allows RBS customers to request payments, upload invoices and keep track of the entire process. It is a simple to use method that keeps the client fully informed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

By placing the entire procedure online, a business is able to obtain all the information it needs to plan and supervise its finances effectively.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting gives a business access to 90% of the value of its invoices within 24 hours of presenting it to the RBS Invoice Finance service. Invoice discounting does not require you to inform your customers of its use.

Usually utilised by companies whose average turnover is in excess of £2m, discounting is effectively the act of borrowing your own money. The RBSIF invoice discounting service is a simple and efficient way to accelerate cash flow.

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Invoice Factoring

RBS invoice factoring is much like its discounting package, but also includes issuing statements and debt collection. Factoring is typically best suited to small and medium sized businesses suffering from issues relating to cash flow and financial management.

Like discounting, advances of up to 90% of the value of the invoices are made available within 24 hours, with the rest collected upon payment from your client. This will exclude the factor’s service fee.

Unlike discounting, RBSIF will collect these payments for you, allowing you to run your business without distraction.

An annual turnover of at least £250,000 will be required to access the service, with a typical maximum limit of £2m. The service fee is calculated according to the value of the invoices processed.

Credit Protection

Clients becoming insolvent, or simply refusing to pay their debts, is a problem for all companies, but it can be catastrophic for those that require a steady income to function. Bad debts can also be a problem, as unpaid invoices are the responsibility of the business, not the factor.

Thankfully the solution can be part of the factoring or discount service. Credit protection, sometimes referred to as non-recourse factoring, is a method in which the factor assumes the responsibility of the debt.

RBS Invoice Finance can offer you peace of mind thanks to credit protection, while also implementing credit limit analysis for your clients. This helps reduce the risk of bad debt occurring in the first place.


The main benefit of employing RBS factoring and discounting services is the level of customisation and flexibility available to you, whatever your business size. Add to this the ability to add credit protection measures and the financial advice of their expert team and it becomes obvious why RBS are one of the most popular and well renowned invoice financing services in the UK.

In short, RBS invoice finance is one of the most reliable and experienced services available and although it cannot offer the very smallest of businesses the benefit of their resources, those that are able to use the service will likely gain many advantages from its implementation.

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