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Metro Bank SME Finance

Metro Bank are the first major high street bank in the UK for over 100 years and as such they are perfectly positioned to provide innovative services to those that require an alternative to traditional banking providers. Founded in 2010, they have grown enormously in the last few years and are on course to hit their target of over 100 stores by the end of the decade.


Metro Bank’s factoring service is straightforward and easy to use, perfectly suited to SME (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises). It is affordable for even the smallest of ventures and is easily accessible to most companies that require this type of funding. The main features include:

  • 90% of the Value of Invoices Paid
  • 24 Hour Turnover
  • Eligibility
  • Simple Online Service
  • Payment Collection
  • Fees
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90% of the Value of Invoices Paid

Metro release up to 90% of the value of the invoice presented to them, which is at the high end of the scale for most standard factoring providers. What makes this more impressive, however, is that it is an exceptionally high level of access for a provider that deals with small businesses. This, among other features, has helped make them a popular choice with startups in particular.

24 Hour Turnover

The speed at which the factor can make your funds available is primary to the effectiveness of the service, and Metro are one of the most efficient in the UK. Although there are no guarantees, the vast majority of payments are received within one working day after presentation of the invoice, and this relates to all customers.

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Have you used Invoice Factoring before?


As Metro deal predominantly with small businesses, although not exclusively, they have no set minimum annual turnover limits, meaning, in theory, no one is rejected without consideration. This does not mean there are no terms that need to be met, however. Only UK based businesses will be considered and credit checks, of both you and your clients will need to be passed before you can access the service.

Simple Online Service

As the entire process is accessed online, you can upload your invoices in a matter of seconds and rest assured that they will be dealt with swiftly. What’s more, the online service provides an overview that is accessible 24 hours a day, so you can stay on top of the process at all times.

Payment Collection

For many businesses, chasing payments from their clients is a frustrating and time consuming endeavour, and even your most trusted customers can be a little tardy when paying invoices. Metro provide a professional and courteous payment collection service that has been proven to lead to quicker payments as well as reducing the chance of non-payments from occurring.


As they provide a simple factoring service, Metro are able to keep factoring fees to a minimum and are one of the most affordable providers in the UK. There are just two types of fees relating to factoring; the discount fee and the service fee. The discount fee is essentially an interest payment that is similar to that of a bank draft and the service fee is a standard charge for accessing the service. You will be made aware of these costs before you sign the contract and all pricing is transparent.


At the beginning of the process, before you have even applied, Metro offer an informal advice line in which they outline the terms and conditions you might expect from the service. Fees and pricing are also explained as well as what you should expect from the service. This transparency allows for possible issues in the future to be avoided from the outset.

Other than the online overview, which allows you to access all relevant data 24/7, they also provide a helpline and online support service that is run by a team of experts. This can help you with everything from getting the most out the service to technical issues that, however unlikely, can occur from time to time.