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Second in importance to the product or service that a company offers, are it’s staff and employees. Understandably, the process that an organisation engages in to recruit, train and develop their staff, as well as the remuneration and benefits offered in order to retain them, is a costly one. A well run and efficient Human Resources department is integral to the cost efficiency and productivity for companies of any size – and explains why many companies choose to outsource some of their HR requirements.

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Who is Moorepay?

A leading supplier of HR and Payroll solutions, Moorepay have been pioneering integrated HR solutions since 1966, and therefore have a wealth of experience on hand to take on the needs, requirements and challenges of any sized business.

What can they do?

Moorepayhr is a cloud-based integrated HR and Payroll solution specially designed for small to medium enterprises, and provide everything a business needs to automate their people-processes:

  • HR Administration: A comprehensive and user friendly HR database allows businesses to update and view all employee information such as contact details, employment info, leave entitlement; salary, disciplinary history, and equipment issued.
  • Self service: Allows staff to interact with HR as/when they wish in order to apply for leave, put in expense claims, update personal information, submit timesheets etc. At the same time, management can reconcile these requests, authorise them, make informed decisions and delegate responsibilities accordingly. This creates a host of mutual benefits where processes are streamlined, decisions are made and actioned quickly.
  • Talent management: Personnel development, competency gaps, and training requirements are easily identified thus enabling HR to action them and meet Key Performance Indicators.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: The number of hard-copy forms, permission-slips, CVs, and files that need to be stored out are greatly reduced.
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Moorepay is also an ideal solution for businesses looking to outsource payroll in order to:

  • Ensure that employees are paid accurately, and on time
  • Leave the hassle of staying on top of changing legislation and compliance regulation to a trustworthy firm
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Avoid fines for late payments and bad bookkeeping

Integrating Payroll with HR is an invaluable innovation that reduces workloads and eliminates mistakes:

  • Changes on the HR system (e.g. employee changes banking details) are automatically integrated with payroll (employee gets paid into the correct account)
  • Reduces paperwork as all information is held on the same database
  • Faster and more accurate reporting

How much do they charge?

Moorepay’s pricing and packages vary according to business size and requirements, depending on whether you need HR solutions, Payroll solutions, or Integrated HR and Payroll solutions. Every price quoted is tailored made to suit your needs.

Why can you trust them?

Moorepay have over 10,000 clients, and also partner with four high street banks to provide services to their customers. They have a zero-tolerance anti corruption policy, and businesses can be assured that pricing is honest and has no hidden charges.

Next Steps?

Outsourcing HR and Payroll is an invaluable way to increase productivity, lower costs, and frees company HR personnel from time consuming administrative and payroll tasks. This way, HR can focus on more important matters such as training and skills development; team building; and meeting with departmental managers to ensure that they are getting the most out of their staff, and vice versa.

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