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Introduction to HR Services

For many companies, HR issues can take up a significant percentage of time as there are so many statutory regulations which relate to this area of business.

Increasingly, a large number of firms are now opting to outsource some or all of their HR operations to specialised service providers as this can often prove more cost effective and leaves both employer and staff to focus on the day to day running of the business.

HR services encompasses a wide range of issues a business has to deal with and this article will look at the three main areas, namely Payroll Services, Recruitment Services and Legal Compliance Services.

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Payroll Services Outsourcing

Payroll services are frequently one of the first to be outsourced by firms as this is often one of the uncomplicated areas to transfer away from the core business. Additionally, cost savings in this area can be significant compared to employing someone in house to carry out payroll.

Payroll Service Providers


MoorePay have been providing HR solutions to small and medium sized businesses for several decades. In the UK, they presently supply payroll services to in excess of 2,500 organisations of varying sizes. Their comprehensive payroll service for firms includes; monthly and weekly payments to staff, creating and sending payslips to staff, making tax and NIC payments to HMRC, sending any end of year reports to HMRC and handling starters and leavers from your firm.

Costs for the MoorePay Service will vary depending on the package chosen. The most basic is the HR Essential Package, priced at £1.10 per employee per month, while at the other end of the scale is HR Advanced which includes a significant level of HR support in addition to payroll and costs £2.70 per employee per month.

The Payroll Dept

The Payroll Dept have been providing payrolls services to small and medium sized businesses for many years. They have a complete payroll service which includes; BACs payments to employees on a weekly or monthly basis, staff payslips which can be modified to suit your business needs, full management reports, year-end returns to HMRC and staff pension deductions.

Prices for The Payroll Dept payroll services start from around £5 per month and increase depending on the number of employees your business has.

Able Payroll Bureau

Able Payroll Bureau is run by qualified accounting staff with years of experience in payroll departments. Their payroll service is RTI ready, as required from this year (2013), and has been accredited as such by HMRC.

In addition to processing payment for employees, they can also handle payments for subcontractors. Furthermore, not only do they complete the entire standard monthly or weekly payroll requirements for businesses, they will also hold data on payments online for up to three years which is available for you to view at any time.

Able Payroll’s prices will vary depending on the number of staff in your business, but they typically start from around £1 per employee per month.

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Recruitment Services Outsourcing

The aim of outsourcing your recruitment services, or as it is often referred to, RPO, is to allow your business to recruit the best staff for your firm in the shortest time possible and at the lowest possible cost.

The benefits of outsourcing recruitment include increasing the consistency of recruitment across the whole business, which allows performance to be bench-marked and improved. Additionally, outsourcing will improve the candidates you attract by using experts in resourcing with access to the latest staff sourcing techniques.

Other benefits which come from recruitment process outsourcing include; reducing the time spent on administrating recruitment, reducing agency costs by increasing direct placements and reducing the time it takes to hire the right staff.

Recruitment Services Providers


OMNI were established in 1998 and have been helping businesses find the best possible talent ever since. They are therefore renowned as one of the most experienced recruiting teams in the UK.

OMNI has worked with many clients of varying sizes including companies such as CAPITA and May Gurney and their services have clearly made an impact, reducing agency placements by 40% and reducing hiring time from 42 to 20 days.

Prices for OMNI’s recruitment services will vary depending on exactly what level of support your organisation requires, and each company will be given its own individual quote. OMNI can be contacted through their website.


GradWeb have extensive experience in outsourcing recruitment for firms. They can recruit for all levels of staff from apprentices to experienced senior managers.

They understand that firms are not just looking for an off the shelf package and, for that reason, they have broken their services down into four parts which firms can use to build a bespoke system that suits their needs. The four areas are: assessment and selection, candidate management, online recruitment systems and recruitment advertising.

Gradweb have experience in working with organisations from all different backgrounds, everything from manufacturing to finance. To obtain a personalised quote for your firm you will need to contact GradWeb directly to discuss your individual requirements.


Elemense are one of the UK’s most successful recruitment services providers, with over 25 years experience of meeting recruitment challenges. As outsourcing the recruitment process has increased in popularity, the offering from many firms has become increasingly standardised and suited to high volumes of transactions.

Elemense are different in that they pride themselves on their flexibility and their ability to address the client’s needs in way that most benefits the client.

Once you contact Elemense, they will carry out a detailed audit of your current position which helps them fully understand your requirements, after which they will develop an outsourced solution based on this assessment.

Solutions that they offer to clients include; candidate sourcing, talent management strategies, use of recruitment technology, candidate assessment and direct candidate attraction.

They can also help you create, design and build recruitment solutions which offer the opportunity for you to assume full responsibility for these tasks, should you decide to at some point in the future.

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Legal Compliance Outsourcing

The benefits of outsourcing legal compliance are enormous for all businesses as this allows you to access a level of expertise that is just not available in most in-house operations. Business and employment law is constantly changing and it can be onerous for many small businesses to stay up to date with all these changes, as diverse as they are.

Affected areas can range from issues such as age discrimination right through to working time regulations.

Outsourcing this particular area of HR will give most business owners justifiable peace of mind, as research suggest that organisations that outsource their legal compliance are over 12 times less likely to face employment tribunals than those that handle this in-house. It also means employers need not pay for a number of different experts or invest in additional IT support systems.

Legal Compliance Service Providers


With a client base of over 7,500, Citation is one of the largest legal compliance outsourcing firms in the UK. They are staffed by a number of consultants based across the country who all hold relevant professional qualifications whether they are from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health or other recognised organisations.

When you register with Citation, they will carry out a full audit of your business from the HR and health and safety point of view. You gain access to 24 hour a day expert help lines, dedicated tribunal experts, annual health and safety inspections and up to the day legal updates.

Indeed, this firm are so confident of the service they provide that they offer a full guarantee against claims which may arise from any employment tribunal or health and safety prosecution.

Citation can be contacted online or by phone for a free no obligation quote.

The Compliance Group

The Compliance Group is a specialist employer support company who focus exclusively on legal compliance for businesses. They were founded in 1999 and have since become one of the largest and most price competitive provider of services in the UK. They can provide legal compliance through a 24 hour telephone support line or as part of an overall outsourced HR package.

They cover a wide range of legal issues from data protection and employment tribunals to TUPE and health and safety applications. They also offer to guarantee against costs, up to a certain level, if anyone should make a claim against your firm.

The Compliance Group’s fees vary depending on your organisation’s need, but can be paid as a one-off set up fee or as a fixed monthly payment.

Outsourcing for HR

Outsourcing can provide a number of cost and time benefits for your organisation, as well as the peace of mind which comes from knowing you have expertise on tap. However, it is important to make sure you choose the right firm for your business so take time to meet a number of service providers and ask for testimonials from previous clients.

Once you have outsourced some of your services, it can be a time consuming business to change to another firm, so it’s wise to aim to get it right first time.

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