Graphic Design Agency: London & UK Prices & Rates

This article will give you an overview of London and UK-based graphic design agencies, and what to look for to get a good price and deal.

Pricing a Graphic Design Agency in London

Accurately pricing the services of graphic designers is extremely difficult. It is rare to see a price list on a graphic designer’s web-page as their prices vary constantly depending on how in fashion, accomplished or busy they are.

Therefore, the rule of thumb is, as in most areas of business, the more fashionable, more accomplished and busier designers are likely to charge you more than a less fashionable, less accomplished and less busy designers.

Despite the difficulty in giving definitive prices for Graphic Design work, here is a rough guide to what you should be paying for certain services.


Boxes and labels are typical packaging a graphic designer will design for you, however don’t expect to pay less than a £1000 for this, and often much more.

Website Design

Generic websites can be designed for you from as little as £250, whilst if you want one specifically designed to suit your business you are looking at £1000+.

Logo Design and Branding

£200 will get you a simple logo, whilst if it is full company-branding you are after don’t expect any change from a £1000. If you want to use one of the top design agencies who are used to dealing with the large corporate – don’t expect to pay less than £10,000.


£300 should get you a nice but simple design that you can put on things like business cards and company letters, whilst anything bigger will obviously cost more.

Again, simple designs for small company letterheads, business cards and compliment slips will cost around £300 with costs rising rapidly as we move up the scale. Remember to figure printing costs into the prices for stationery. Some printers offer packages which start at around £150.

Posters or Adverts

£500 – £1,000 is the price range for a single-image poster.

Brochure/Magazine Design

£1000 is what a basic brochure will cost you, whilst magazines will be more expensive, and the number of pages in either will also be a major factor in the cost.


£500 is the starting price for a specially designed email.

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Graphic Design Agencies London & UK

There are over 200 graphic design agencies in London, including these noted agencies:

  • Catherine Jordan Graphic Design
  • London 3D Design
  • Sq Design
  • Taylor Mckenzie Design Consultants
  • Design-Online-Logo.Com
  • Simon Lee
  • Business Logo Design Company
  • Innate Eight Ltdv
  • Prickle Press Ltd
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Design Fusion London
  • Punkpig
  • Seven Zebras
  • Bunbury Creative Ltd
  • Rose Design (UK) Limited
  • Logo Design UK
  • Matthew Cooper
  • Graphic Design Business Ltd
  • Positive 2 Graphic Design
  • Blacksheep Graphic Design
  • Ifective Graphic Web Design
  • Neal Bradley Graphic Designer
  • Splash Graphic Design Ltd
  • Graphic Design Premonition Design Ltd
  • Ken Lees Web Page Design & Graphics
  • Hands Design
  • Edge Design Ltd
  • H A Quince, Smith & Manz Design Partnership
  • Paul Wootton Graphic
  • North
  • Chapman Beauvais Ltd
  • Open Agency
  • Bernard Heyes Design Ltd
  • Farrow Design Ltd
  • 3 Fish In A Tree
  • Stephen Belfield
  • Pomegranate Group Ltd
  • Hotrod Creations
  • Purple Turtle Design
  • T P S, Surface 3
  • John & Orna Designs
  • Anderson Norton Design

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