UK Fuels: Fuel Card Review 2020

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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Published: 8 June 2017

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UK Fuels: Fuel Card Review 2020

UK Fuels have the largest selection of fuel cards of all UK suppliers. As part of the Radius Payment Solutions group, a company that issue over one million cards a year, UK Fuels form part of the largest fuel card management company in Europe.

With such a wide range of cards, each targeted to specific business types, UK Fuels have all areas of fleet management covered. They will always dedicate time to work with each individual client to offer a tailored fuel card solution, whatever the client’s fleet size or requirements.

Whether your priority is complete network coverage, getting the most efficient fuel prices or maintaining price stability across your fleet, UK Fuels will have a card suitable for your business. With fixed weekly diesel prices as well as pump-related pricing, UK Fuels are able to offer your fleet a realistic cost saving solution. Across the range of available fuel cards UK Fuels cover over 6500 sites in the UK alone; a map of these is accessible online through the UK Fuels e-route planner. There’s also no regional price difference so fuel price and outgoings can be accurately forecast across your fleet.

UK Fuels Review
Petrol ✓ (dependent on card)
Sign-Up Fees None
Annual Fees Dependent on Card
Support Telephone
Fleet Support
Features Associate to individual driver or vehicle
Market-leading online account management through Velocity
Reporting tools available both for cost and fuel usage
Expenditure control
Option for integrated telematics
Free site locator app
Innovative paperless vehicle check
Fixed weekly price for diesel
Optional Guardcard card cover plan
Reviewed by Expert Market 08/06/2017

UK Fuels cards are accepted at the majority of major fuel retailers throughout the UK, and can include ‘add-ons’ to access premium branded sites such as BP, Shell, and Texaco. Diesel can also be purchased at a reduced rate from Moto motorway service stations across the UK, negating the need for your driver to make a detour whilst out on a job saving the company both time and money.

All account holders also automatically gain access to UK Fuels’ unique online account management system, Velocity. This allows the fleet manager, or the designated representative, to manage all fuel cards in one place from either a laptop or a smartphone. Invoices and transactions can be monitored and in depth reports can be created by the user, detailing overall efficiency of the fleet.

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By choosing a UK Fuels fuel card you will be working with one of the most reputable names in the industry. With a choice of cards, each tailored for a specific type of fleet, you can be guaranteed of finding a cost efficient solution for your business. With clear and concise HMRC-approved invoices, VAT can easily be claimed back on whichever fuel card you do opt for, making your accounts much simpler to deal with.

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